Why e-commerce is becoming a “must” in the fashion industry?

Recently a study released by eMarketer, forecasted a growing in e-commerce of 20% to $40.9 billion this year up from $34.2 billion in 2011 in United States.

Apparel and accessories are overtaking the e-market, from books,music, and videos which had been considered the dominant in e-commerce, but for this year analysts are expecting just an 18% of growth.This is a very important trend for fashion brands, that are doubting going into e-commerce.

Just a few years ago, consumers had concerns about the fitting of their fashion items, but today technology its always moving on to offer the closest to physical shopping experience. For example eBay implanted an innovation app which allows users to “try on” sunglases by layering them over a picture of their face.

In addition the e-commerce is becoming integral in buying fashion, because many consumers may not buy the items online, but will use the online store as a tool to preview what they will buy in the physical store. This means online stores are important in the decision-making process, only 22% of men and 12% of women do not browse online before going to a store.

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