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Weibo Fanatic and Fast Fashion Brands

Time and time again we have expressed how crucial social media is in this day and age, and how important it is for companies to start embracing this new communication tool. Social media has slowly and surely built its own global empire, gaining popularity from the West to the East, making itself viable for companies ranging from car mufflers to french macaroons. 

Yes, regardless of what industry you are competing in, what language you are speaking in, or even what target market you’re seeking in, social media is pivotal. And so comes another article in our series of how-to’s, where we discuss the key points every social media agent has to learn in analyzing their social media statistics. 

Zara Topshop Forever 21

Sina Weibo, China’s social media darling, has been gaining a lot of traction, particularly in the fashion and luxury industry - with companies left and right investing efforts on gaining significant market share through this medium. Social media analytics firms like Fashionbi, help companies translate all this information to provide them with results, from which they can more aptly strategize their social media platforms. But with all this data available, how can one really translate itself as a social media success? Fashionbi Analytics gets down to the details to explain the importance of your key performance indicators, with Fashionbi Weibo Analytics.

To better explain the situation, we took a 7-day research study of fast fashion brand Zara. Comparing it with brands' Topshop and Forever 21, from the dates June 17 - 23. 


Brand Activity vs. User Activity

Table 1

From the 7-day study, we find that Zara had only one Weibo post, which resulted to 331 reposts and 0 comments from Zara followers. On the other hand, Forever 21 garnered as much as 10 Weibo posts, resulting to 0 reposts but 299 comments. And Finally, Topshop came up with 3 reposts, gaining 0 reposts and 7 comments.

Brand Activity is the number of Weibo posts a brand makes within its personal account, while User Activity, is the number of actions made by followers that involve the brand. From these results it is evident that, user activity is not directly correlated to how many activities a brand has within a week. Clearly, Forever 21’s 10 Weibo posts exceeds Zara’s 1 post, and yet results prove 331 reposts for Zara, and only 299 comments for Forever 21. Topshop, on the other hand is way behind in user activity. 

Follower Growth

Table 2Moving on to follower growth for the 7-day period, we find that Zara had gained a whopping 4,366 new followers. With Topshop at second, gaining 848 new followers, and Forever 21 gaining 458. Again, this emphasizes that brand activity or user activity does not have a direct correlation to follower growth. Zara is still clearly leading with 4,366 new followers, but Forever 21, who’s 10 posts garnered 229 comments, is now lagging behind with only 458 additional followers. On the other hand, Topshop, who was way behind in user activity, was able to gather a significant 848 new fans.  

Table 3Audience 

Finally, we move unto Audience. Audience measures the total reach that your brand activity has made - it dictates how many people on Weibo are able to see posts regarding the brand. From our 7-day study, we find that Zara is still leading with a 71.05k audience, on average in a day. Forever 21 on the other hand, reaches 29.08k, while Topshop again lags back with only 9.63k. 

Depending on your brands goals for using social media, these data may have different levels of importance for you. If your goal is to simply gather a large following on Sina Weibo, then Follower Growth could clearly align your success factor. If your goal is to create lasting relationships through engagement with your followers, then User Activity could be a good measuring tool to dictate how active your followers are. However, if it is increasing brand awareness that you are aiming for, then Audience would be the best way to gauge it.  

For all three brands however, you can see that the numbers are enormous from Sina Weibo. Strategizing your social media accounts for this channel clearly has a large pay off, that many brands have already realized. But having an account on Sina Weibo is different from understand how Weibo works! And for brands who want to use this tool competitively, well, there are a lot of things that differentiate it from the more westernized social media tools. Maximizing the potential of Sina Weibo, would require some in-depth analysis, which is precisely why companies like Fashionbi are here to help you out!


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