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Vera Wang debuts in China's Fashion Week

This month the Shanghai Fashion Week took place, and it was very important for the Asian debut of the bridal's wear brand Vera Wang.

redThe famed Chinese-American bridal designer Vera Wang showcased a fashion show to present the Spring/Summer 2013 bridal and ready-to-wear collections, in which she put special attention to include the red color in the palette, because this color is considered to be as good luck in the Chinese Market.

Despite the Fashion designer was not at the show, it was a very important event for the company, since, according to the CEO Mario Garuso, they will be soon opening a Vera Wang flagship store at 245 Madang Road, in late December or early January.

The brand's expansion through Asian territory started last summer with a new store opened in Japan, and also the recent opening of the 1,200 store in Hong Kong.

According to Fashionbi Insights, today Vera Wang has 16 flagship stores worldwide proxy, and it is remarkable how the brand has changed its strategy now that it set itself into an expansion mode. Just at the beginning of this year the brand didn't have an online approach with a different language rather than English.

Today the brand's website offers a local approach to 15 different countries, providing its followers an app, along with having presence in the 4 major social medias: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and Pinterest. It will be interesting to see, by the end of the company's fiscal year, if the new strategy will be reflected in its sales.

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