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Topshop has joined forces with PETA

The British fashion retailer Topshop is now in partnership with PETA, the welfare charity, to campaign and highlight the plight of exotic animals being killed for their skins.

TOPSHOPAccording to Yvonnes Taylor, senior programme manager at PETA, "Topshop knows that the only place for exotic skins is on their original owners. Through years the brand has set the industry standard for promoting animal welfare, and its latest high profile display at the heart of London's busiest shopping street will help save many snakes, alligators, and other animal victims of the fashion industry from an excruciatingly painful death".

This time the support is via its window display on its flagship store at Oxford Street that highlights the plight of exotic animals killed for their skins, and the slogan "Keep wildlife out of your wardrobe". In addition the fashion retailer, invite its shoppers to visit PETA's UK website, so they can sign against wearing exotic skins.



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