Top 10 German, Austrian and Swiss Fashion Bloggers

Through our best-seller marketing research on The Influence Of Fashion Bloggers, we brought forward the most important aspects on Blogging in the Fashion industry - from brand-blogger collaboration case-studies to the best bloggers country-by-country and their social impact, to the different category bloggers and their usage in the Fashion industry, to the best Tips and Tricks for the brands to carry a successful collaboration.

This time, as demanded also from the best of the key players in the market, we decided to push focus on the most influential and upcoming bloggers prevailing in the next important Fashion destinations, i.e. Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Here below can be seen more in detail which are the top 10s in all of the three countries, their collaboration histories and the reason-why behind their huge impact in the industry.

German speaking countries often achieve less attention in the fashion scene. This, however, should be strongly reconsidered, especially when talking about the online sector. People coming from those Nordic countries like Germany, Austria and Switzerland are one of the top internet users worldwide. Even if 62% of all websites are written in English, followed by Russian with 7%, German is the third most used language for websites representing 5%. Moreover only 4% of the websites are in Chinese, overall. The rest of the 22% are split across all the other existing languages. In fact, (2013) Resumé fashion blogs coming from German speaking countries are one of the most important online influencers for fashion brands.

So what makes for an Influencer's Impact?

Facebook followers towards the end of last year 2014, were used as an indicator for this ranking of the Top 30 blogs coming from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. This is due to the fact that each blog had a Facebook page. Moreover, Facebook is still the most used social media channel in these countries. Below's what was discovered.


  • MashaSedgwick: Followers on Facebook: 46.337 Twitter: 1.959 Instagram: 31.713
  • FashionHippieLoves: Followers on Facebook: 36.592 Twitter: 6.458 Instagram: 914.936
  • (Now Inactive) LesMads: Previous Followers on Facebook: 30.474 Twitter: 12.700 Instagram: 3.113
  • Journelles: Followers on Facebook: 24.689 Twitter: 4.144 Instagram: 34.811
  • ThisIsJaneWayne: Followers on Facebook: 24.231 Twitter: 4.051 Instagram: 6.573
  • StyleRanking: Followers on Facebook: 20.946 Twitter: 4.215 Instagram: 1.490
  • Bekleidet: Followers on Facebook: 13.578 Twitter: 3.780 Instagram: 25.545
  • ModePilot: Followers on Facebook: 11.111 Twitter: 2.754 Instagram: 1.148
  • FashionPuppe: Followers on Facebook: 10.891 Twitter: 13.700 Instagram: 22.403
  • FashionBoxx (Men): Followers on Facebook: 9.390 Twitter: 454 Instagram: 506

GERMANY's Best –Masha Sedgwick

Masha Sedgwick & Fashion: This blog differs from the others due to Masha Sedgwick personal style. She mixes grunge with gothic, whereas other blogs are often just following recent trends. Majority of brands mentioned on her blog are a cross-mix of different segments viz. Jimmy Choo, Chanel, Mango, Nixon and Dior amongst a few others.

Best post on Facebook: Selfies are really popular on her Facebook page. She often posts pictures of her new hair colour(s). These posts generally get her more than 1000 likes on an average.

Because: Her selfies are authentic and natural. Major parts of her pictures are coming from ‘professional’ photo shootings where each detail seems to be planned. But Masha Sedgwick’s selfies show her in a more natural way. Users can identify themselves more with her as a person. It resembles the phenomena of ‘celebrities without makeup’.


  • DariaDaria: Followers on Facebook: 10.337 Twitter: 753 Instagram: 30.135
  • Mithandkuss: Followers on Facebook: 7.087 Twitter: no Instagram: 973
  • BikinisAndPassports: Followers on Facebook: 5.352 Twitter: 1.291 Instagram: 33.952
  • Fleurdemode: Followers on Facebook: 5.042 Twitter: 53 Instagram: 16.344
  • LoveDailyDose: Followers on Facebook: 4.613 Twitter: 195 Instagram: 7.571
  • CollectedByKatja: Followers on Facebook: 2.789 Twitter: 94 Instagram: 4.816
  • BerriesAndPassion: Followers on Facebook: 2.471 Twitter: 761 Instagram: 11.591
  • CityCatWalk: Followers on Facebook: 2.258 Twitter: 2.366 Instagram: 2.146
  • WhoIsMocca: Followers on Facebook: 1.149 Twitter: 227 Instagram: 10.806
  • FashionTweed: Followers on Facebook: 917 Twitter: 230 Instagram: 3.711

AUSTRIA's Best – DariaDaria

DariaDaria & Fashion: One of her most favourite brands is Meshit from Vienna. Furthermore, she often mentions brands such as Marni, Stella McCartney, Acne, Proenza Schouler, Burberry, Schott Brothers Inc and such, on her blog.

Best post on Instagram: Madeleine Alizadeh’s best picture with 2'045 likes, is from her wardrobe. In the above picture can be seen her Top 3 posts. All postings have a similar style in black and white. It is as well interesting that the hashtags, which generated most engagement, were #homesweethome #wardrobe and #finallydone.

Because: Those with the minutest details planned pictures from everyday objects are loved by Instagram followers. Again they can identify themselves with the picture, but still can dream of having their own life perfectly planned like this.


  • Kayture: Followers on Facebook: 960.718 Twitter: 20.500 Instagram: 1,157.499
  • FashionBitsAndBobs: Followers on Facebook: 18.303 Twitter: 2.865 Instagram: 3.790
  • TheBubblySpeckle: Followers on Facebook: 14.204 Twitter: 443 Instagram: 1.367
  • TheFashionFraction: Followers on Facebook: 11.603 Twitter: no Instagram: 3.721
  • BangBangBlond: Followers on Facebook: 7.495 Twitter: 321 Instagram: 6.740
  • TipHainesDiary: Followers on Facebook: 5.263 Twitter: 640 Instagram: 23.363
  • LoveLittleAdventures: Followers on Facebook: 4.507 Twitter: no Instagram: 2.863
  • McKay: Followers on Facebook: 4.259 Twitter: 1.868 Instagram: 364
  • BlonderBlog: Followers on Facebook: 2.231 Twitter: 75 Instagram: 204
  • FashionPaper: Followers on Facebook: 824 Twitter: 79 Instagram: no


Kayture & the Designers: Kristina Bazan is under the Top 10 fashion bloggers using successfully Instagram and Facebook, as stated as well in our Marketing Research The Influence Of Fashion Bloggers. But her number of Twitter Followers is incredible, as well. Kristina Bazan’s first collaboration was with Louis Vuitton. Afterwards, brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Saint Laurent Paris, Dior, Mango, Guess, and Jimmy Choo followed. What's really interesting is to note that amongst the highly influential followers of this blog are some of industry's big names as Ralph Lauren and Lacoste. One of the top Twitter influencers of Ralph Lauren, namely, WhoWhatWear, follows Kayture as well.

Ralph Lauren’s Top Online Influencer:

Best post on Twitter: Kristina Bazan’s most favourited Tweets are usually linked with an Instagram hyperlink.

Because: Twitter is a good tool to spread short news quickly. Therefore, short headlines are a good way to introduce a follow up link such as Instagram links which then lead to a more visually sound posting. One can see from Kayture’s Twitter profile that Tweets with an Instagram link are favourited between 10 to 20 times more than any other Tweets. Moreover, it has to be mentioned that Twitter is the most used media in English speaking countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom. Thus, since Kayture is one of the few German bloggers writing her postings in English, her amount on Twitter followers is much higher than those of the other similar-origin blogs.


Each blogger has at least one social media presence to support and promote his or her fashion blogs. Most of the times, a blogger has one favourite channel which operates better than the rest. This depends on the preferences of the bloggers and their target fans as well. From the chart below can be seen which social media channels generated the highest audience of followers in these three upcoming countries.

Even though Facebook is still the most commonly used social media channel in the DACH region, Instagram is the best tool when it comes to fashion. In all three countries those 30 blogs reach most of their followers on Instagram. And as can be clearly seen, Twitter is not really popular in German speaking countries. Facebook, on the other hand, is not the best tool for fashion but still a must-have anyway!


Anni fromFashionhippieloves has around 914'936 Instagram followers. Her Instagram page is a good example of how bloggers can support fashion brands in the best way possible. Chanel is an often mentioned brand on her Instagram profile. With pictures such as the one shown above, she promotes in a discrete way brands such as Miu Miu, Prada and many others.

Summing up, certainly fashion bloggers coming from German speaking countries have a huge fashion audience and these markets have a huge potential for the brands to increase real-target base, irrespective of their market segments. The local bloggers are already promoting successfully the brands on the most important channels such as Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. These postings are often better than traditional advertisement in these countries, since these are as well becoming fashion-forward nations and those postings by the bloggers are seen more as recommendations and hold value, rather than the usual advertisements. Bloggers often post personal insights. Thus, their readers feel more close, like being real friends with them. Everybody knows that 'friend recommendations' are the best promotion a brand can obtain. Hence, brands should keep an eye on them and already start creating fruitful relationships to benefit with them when the need arises.

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