Tommy Hilfiger's Social Concierge

Tommy HilfigerTommy Hilfiger brought a sense of digital personalisation to those in attendance at his California-themed New York Fashion Week show this season; offering a service that delivered pictures through to collection information – upon request in real-time. They are referring to this new and innovative concept as the “social concierge.”

There were a dedicated team of 30 responding to emails sent in from showgoers and this dedicated team was quick to respond to the requests. The team could provide images from a cloud-based library, or direct a team member on-site to capture the request directly, straight from the runway or behind the scenes and respond to the request in real-time. Mashable experimented with this 30-minutes in advance to see what was possible, asking for an image of the designer with a model doing a thumbs up, and got the exact shot back just before the show began, as shown above. Looks like this dedicated social concierge team were on top of their game!

ModelsThe concept is of course tied to social media sharing, a statement from the company. “It allows the industry to curate and share a new layer of exclusive, customized content on their own digital platforms for their followers during the show.” It added that the aim was to further “emphasise the approachable and inclusive DNA of the brand.” The brand is literally providing a concierge service for their guests and attendees, so they don't need to worry about grabbing that perfect shot, let the concierge send you the image you are looking for. 

The brand also launched a “Runway Newsroom”, another platform to for attendees to gain exclusive content.
The Runway Newsroom was an online portal that opended immediately following the show, intended for press and buyers. This included everything from a full collection statement to high res images of the line, behind-the-scenes activities and even set design. The Runway Newsroom even featured sketches from the designer and detailed photographs of the fabrics. As Avery Baker, CMO at Tommy, told WWD: “There is increased pressure on media and influencers to communicate immediately to their followers. We felt this program would help facilitate and streamline the process for them.”

SketchTommy Hilfiger didn't stop there the brand provided bloggers including Scott Schuman and Susie Bubble with Lytro cameras. These light field cameras allow photos to be refocused after they are taken. The brand also got creative and partnered with artist Meagan Cignoli to capture moments in the lead-up to and during its show using Vine and Instagram video. A separate series of 30-second videos were created by the brand focused on details like the beauty looks, the accessories in the collection and its beach-themed set up.

Tommy Hilfiger is certainly understanding what it takes to connect with some of your best influencers and create services that make their biggest fans, buyers and press feel like they are a part of the brand.