The Reasons Why Fashion Brands Should Use Instagram

Instagram is a very useful social media tool. It is a space to share, like, and comment photos. Its content is constantly exposed to a huge network of people. Beautifully generated pictures can easily attract followers and showcase brand's products. Fashion brands definitely know the significance of this immensely popular photo sharing social media platform. It serves as inspiration to many, and the fashion world knows how to live it to the fullest - Hello Instagram.


F21Does Instagram follow trends ? Yes, it does. The upcoming fashion events, runway shows, fashion weeks or fashion campaigns around the globe make people feel delighted. As a result, their fascination is present in all major social media networks. Instagram is the one that visualizes it thoroughly.

Fashion brand Forever 21 live by the motto "Wear it. Share it." The company provides stylish, though affordable fashion items. Their Instagram is loaded with the ideas created with a theme of fashion trends in mind. It promotes fashion by keeping the page looking like a mini magazine. It "Lives for Fashion."

Creative Images

It is important to fill brand's Instagram account with the creative images. Beautiful, unique and interesting photos, often with a personal touch can make a fashion brand shine bright like a diamond. Combining merchandise pictures with styling images and behind-the-scenes shots of events will make it the winner.

Burberry LondonBurberry is the luxury fashion champion when it comes to its Instagram account. The brand uses merchandise photos and behind-the-scenes pictures from photo shoots and commercial filming. In addition to that, it posts London shots that convert its account into something unique and superb.

Another fashion luxury brand, Louis Vuitton, is all about elegance and innovation. Although brand's models clearly represent its values, the company adds a bit more by showcasing popular travel locations, such as Paris, or keeping up with the latest trends by highlighting them in the photos while revealing backstage footage.

GAPOn the other hand, Gap's account plays with the light, imagination and colors. Not only are the pictures clear and splendid - they are also enriched on the writing that appears on some of them. "Love is Life" or  "Be You" make the reader just feel good.


 Your fans = Your models

A fashion brand can easily promote itself by using the images submitted by its fans wearing brand's clothing. Customers may become brand's key social media marketing element. A company that does it very well is Free People. It asks its fans to post images of themselves wearing company's clothing and labeling them with specific hashtags. But the company doesn't stop there. Free People uses some of the photos on their official website. Excellent promotion, isn't it ?!


Backstage access

Instagram enables brand's followers to see behind-the-scenes images. That's what the customers love.

BurberryFor example, Burberry doesn't post huge amount of clothing pictures on their account. They're rather occasional. What the brand actually does is posting simple, though sophisticated images of the company's base in London and cool backstage pictures from photo shoots. 

Instagram Video ? Sure !

Instagram Video is a feature that lets fashion brands add something more than the images. The company that apparently knows how to make use of it is the American clothing brand Guess. They have been posting some videos of makeup styling or the previews of their collections. Whoever thought it wouldn't work - Guess proves it does !


Use hashtags and use them wisely. They make the content searchable and what's extremely important - they enable brands to reach out to the masses. Hashtags can be used to tag a brand, or a specific product line. But overloading pictures with the hashtags isn't the right approach. They should be used to describe the images, wisely.

For example, Louis Vuitton is (wisely!) using such hashtags as #LouisVuitton or #LVshoes linking them to the brand's products and fashion campaigns.

Social Media Integration

Instagram has a built-in social sharing feature. It allows the same photos on Instagram to be shared on other social media platforms that belong to the company, such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Flickr or Foursquare. It's not a surprise that the most commonly used platforms are Facebook and Twitter. After a quick and easy setup, not only brands, but also regular users are able to post their Instagram pictures to all their previously mentioned networks. This built-in feature makes it so convenient to go further and promote even more !

Instagram is a magnificent tool for fashion brands to market their collections. Some of them have polished it to the perfection. Others are fiercely catching up. Instagram is fun, engaging and creative. Fashion brands can express their values through powerful and inspirational images and videos. And that's the beauty of it.