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The e-commerce site Amazon is empowering its Fashion retail

The American e-commerce site which is the leader of e-commerce in the United States is seeking to become a leader as well in selling fashion.

AmazonThe e-commerce company has announced the they leased a 40,000-square-foot space, which will be dedicated to a photography studio supplying the fashion category. Amazon in addition is owner of other two e-commerce sites like MyHabit and Shopbop and the president of the Fashion Amazon is Cathy Beaudoin.

According to Cathy Beaudoin, the goal is to make Amazon as powerful in selling fashion as it is in selling books, electronics and other products. The new photography studio is located on Kent Street in Williamsburg, and is the biggest of it's kind in the city, it will allowed the creation of many jobs for locals, including, photographers, stylists, models, and hair and make up artists. This will be the sixth studio from Amazon's, but it will be the first in New York to be exclusively dedicated to fashion.

The president of Fashion Amazon said that there will be a studio directore reporting to Fashion's creative team in Seatlle, and the number of people in the staff will start in 150, but the number will keep on growing.


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