Social Media Engagement and Preference Per Country

Social networking has been around forever. It's the simple act of expanding the number of people you know by meeting your friends' friends, their friends' friends and so on. In fact, many of people today use Twitter and Facebook to promote their existing and new businesses. 

There are around 200 well - known social network in internet, there are a tons of new ones that come every day from all over the world.  The most popular there worldwide of course Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Here we have for you guys, a short research study we did on which social media networks are most prevalent where, and how actively people engage depending on where they are coming from!

According to surveys most people want to keep their digital life as it is. No need for something new, and no intention to quit.  On average people only join 1 or 2 social networks. Fewer than 10 percent of people join 5 or more social network sites. But each country has there own set of networks which is most popular around the country. The best example there is Russia with and China with

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The key activities on social networks are related to personal relationships and having fun. People go on social media to share and read stuff from friends. Spending time with brands comes last in people priorities. Nevertheless, more than half of the people do have an online relationship with at least 1 brand which is around 55% of social networks users are connected to brands.  

Consumers are more positive than you might think. More than half of their comments about brands are positive. Fewer than 10 percent are negative. 

8/10 consumers want to help in co creation projects of companies they like. 

Consumers are probably the most effective consultants your company can hire.  

When it comes to people sharing information about brands, Facebook and Vkontakte score are very high. Further 46 percent of the Pinterest users share content about brands on this new platform. Twitter comes fourth as a place where consumers share branded content. 

Conversation starters to talk about brands are in the first place product experiences, followed by promotions, service, contests and new products. The impact of advertising as a conversation starter is decreasing. So if you are going to expand your brand globally there is some information about “key” countries and their 3 most popular social networks. 

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Emerging markets like Argentina, Brazil and India have the highest penetration of social network usage.  Furthermore, they have the highest usage frequency and intensity as well. Linkedin continues to keep the strong niche position with respect to B2B market. About 4 out of 10 internet users are familiar with it. But there are only 110 million people who are registered there. 

So as you can see all countries have their own preferences in terms of social networks and if you want to run business there you need to consider this fact to have a success in the local market. There are also some differences in terms of functionalities and usability for different types of content everywhere. Stay tuned to our next infografics and we will update you all necessary information about social networks.


Anastasia Buchinskaya is an emerging fashion designer and illustrator from Russia. She recently finished Master in Fashion Management Program from Domus Academy. Anastasia is 360 degree specialist in fashion business.  She is highly interested in upcoming trends and new strategies for fashion brands.