Ray-Ban's Virtual Fitting: Best Practices

The premium eyewear brand Ray-Ban gave an opportunity to virtually try glasses and interact with the touch screen at its storefront in London. But there was now extra effort to drive the customer further to the store or online store. It is important to mention that virtual mirror is not an innovation, since 2008 the brand provides this service directly on its website.

According to the New Publication from Fashionbi Insights, an experience similar to Ray-Ban was suggested by Bloomingdales. People in the street were able to try on different models of eyeglasses, click a print button and then collect their picture from the salesperson inside the store.

Those who did a trial of this service were really excited about it. People shared their positive experience with the New York Daily News saying that it was a fun experience, they didn’t have the pressure of sales personnel and also they could know the price of the product.