Premium Brands' Window Display Strategies to Empower its Digital Channels

Escada and Casadei demonstrated how premium brands can place QR code on a store window without compromising the whole luxurious design of the store’s window, pointed Fashionbi's January Publication. Also they show as how to make the QR code more appealing by adding the brand’s logo to the QR code image.

The publication shows how this two brands QR codes are situated at an “eye-level” and are big enough to be scanned with a phone without any difficulty. The only, but a serious problem was that the landing page, where this QR code lead to, was not readable/clickable via a smartphone, it means not mobile responsive!

There is no doubt the Casadei and Escada are very informative and well designed, but if a brand puts the QR code to provide a possibility for the client to visit the brand’s website from a portable device like a smartphone or a tablet, the website must be mobile responsive, otherwise such QR code is useless and even worse, it is a very bad experience for the customer.