Paris Offers its Visitors a Shopping Passport

Ever dreamt of being from Paris? A new offering for the visitors to the French fashion capital during the December holidays is a shopping passport. Visitors from around the world are able to get a 10% discount if they spend 80 euros worth of tourist shopping goods through what is named a "Paris City Passport Shopping".

A selection of retailers have been carefully picked to be among those participating in this new campaign. Names such as Adidas and La Baggagerie, as well as beauty brands: L'Occitane and Marrionaud will be offering a 10% discount as part of the new shopping passport. The card is valid for 3 days and can be picked up at visitors bureau offices around the city. This initiative is among other plans that Parisian authorities are implementing to reinforce the city as a main world shopping destination. A guide classifying major shops and brands around the city will be ready early next year to help shoppers and visitors of the city to spot the shops which caters to the styles that suit them best.