NYX Cosmetics' Plans to Conquer the World

The mass market beauty brand, NYX Cosmetics, is looking for a buyer. The employees of the brand were notified early this week at a company event that NYX, Los Angeles, Inc. is exploring strategic alternatives, particularly as it plots its global expansion, according to industry sources. The company is said to have tapped investment bank Piper Jaffray for the purpose. Currently, about 25 percent of NYX, Los Angeles, Inc. ’s sales are international.

NYX, Los Angeles, Inc. has captured the attention of many potential strategic and financial players, for its meteoric growth in mass color cosmetics, an area dominated by large brands such as L’Oréal and Procter & Gamble Co..

When it comes to YouTube, the brand has ranked in the first places among beauty brands with 318 million video mentions, along with Urban Decay with 347 million and Maybelline with 371 million, according to Pixability.