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New horizon for Fashionbi

Just two months ago, Fashionbi disclosed to the web and I was asked to write about its official launch. I was fortunate to introduce this amazing project and, since I worked hard on it with all the team for months, the excitement in those days was at its highest level ever.

Everyone at Fashionbi was full of that enthusiasm which usually comes from the awareness of being part of something completely new; something that makes its contribution to enhance the business information to an upper level.

The very same excitement of two months ago is with us, again. This time the zest is for the great improvement we reached and the strong potential this project proved to have.

Fashion Industry is an ever-changing battle field, so good managers know that every planned strategy has to be wisely focused on the brand, and managing it in the proper way is essential.

In order to achieve significant results, the quality of the information is the first important aspect within the analyzing process. That’s why, besides aiming at the most reliable sources about fashion, marketing and financial topics, Fashionbi Team accurately crawls the web and periodically updates all the information retrieved. Its value is really important to us, since it represents the solid basis our entire project is built on.

It is like creating a pair of shoes: if the raw materials used are poor quality, the shoes won’t last long and you will be able to wear them only few times before they fall apart.

In addition to this, the second relevant aspect in Fashionbi is the international approach to our work: we are a really international team!

In our opinion, the best way to have a wide vision of this business is to compare different points of view, coming from various parts of the world. By doing so, we also ensure constant updates about the most relevant news for the Fashion Industry according to the geographical area.

We are convinced that the strength of an international team lies in its global nature, since it is composed by people who, thanks to their different origins, concur together to create a unique, complete and global thought.

That’s why our team comprehends people from Italy, Israel, Turkey, Mexico, India, Russia and China, establishing our bases in three different countries: Italy (Milan), Mexico (Chihuahua) and Hong Kong.

In order to favour the project development, it turned out a team improvement to be necessary, as well. The starting Fashionbi Team, mainly focused on filling the new-born database and marketing operations, has been increased to better manage all the phases of the project.

Consequently the original international Fashionbi Team (Italy-Mexico-China) expanded, improving its structure, which is now composed by: the Management Team, the Operations Team, the Research & Development Team, the Marketing Team and the Product & Brand Development Team.

All of them have specific tasks to accomplish, encouraged by the Management Team to strongly interact each other. In this way the efforts of every member contribute both to the team and the project’s success, equally.

Besides upgrading the project informative function, which allows retrieving all the main insights about financials, company ownership, market approach, retail and digital presence, Fashionbi Team improved the users’ experience. The downloadable PDF version of the brands’ reports and the link to the articles about the brands, written by our Marketing Team, are now provided.

In addition to this, the comparative function of Fashionbi has also been bettered, increasing the number of key performance indicators to analyze, in order to ensure a deeper analysis of the brands’ performances among their competitors.

Right now Fashionbi KPI tool provides comparison between: companies’ operating margins, brands’ web net sentiment scores, brands’ Facebook pages likes’ growth, brands’ Twitter accounts’ impact and brands’ popularity on the web. These indicators are only those we consider as more interesting in our clients view, but in a few time there will be more, for sure.

Even if this represents Fashionbi’s first development, many others will be applied in the future. We will always work to provide our clients the most interesting, useful and innovative facts behind the Fashion, improving the diffusion of the information within the Fashion System itself, accordingly.

Right now, Fashionbi is just a feather in the scales of Fashion Marketing, though able to rock the boat with its strong and soaring potential.

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