Muji to launch Muji Labo

Tokyo-based lifestyle brand Muji has planned to launch a new line called Muji Labo, which will provide a new high-end housewear collection, including shirts, jackets and footwear.

Image: Muji Labo

Muji Labo has been developed under "a new laboratory for thinking, balancing simplicity and practicality", representing the brand's values under a more refined vision. The unisex pieces are described as "not fashionable for decorative display but rather, are tools for living” and made with organic fabrics and recycled plastics. That's why prices will range from £19.95 to £149 indeed, extending 50% the maximum price of the basic line.

The new collection will be available in Europe, exclusively and only four of Muji's European stores will sell it. Carnaby Street, London store will be the first store to launch it on February 2013.