Moschino opens two new monobrand stores in China

Italian Luxury brand Moschino has stepped up its expansion game by opening two new monobrand stores, this week, in China.

Moschino's largest flagship store in ShanghaiThe two monobrands reside in different cities, however. The first being in the city of Chongqing in Mall Starlight 68, covering and area of as good as 105 square meter. The second one, on the other hand, is in the city of Shenyang at Forum 66 Mall, covering a huge area of 180 square meter.

Looking at this strategy, another one of the luxury Italian names, Marni also has opened its very first store in China dedicated to the Edition line, with an 80 square meter flagship at Reel Mall in Shanghai.

China still remains a top favorite for many international labels in terms of available retail spaces and the potential market sales.