Maybelline's Baby Face goes on "Line"

The mass market beauty brand Maybelline, part of L'Oreal SA, is launching a new product: Skin Instant Pore Eraser with the name of Baby Skin. It’s a gel intended to refine the appearance of the face, it evens the skin, has antioxidants, and it can be used before make-up, or by itself. It definitely sounds like a primer to me, but if it accomplishes what it promises they can call it pore eraser as well, right?.

For the marketing campaign of this product in Thailand Maybelline has a collaboration deal with the messaging service Line, and their famous characters. They advertised via Line, previous to the launching people could already buy it through the messaging service (in addition to an e-commerce site). The companies marketing strategies are going multi-channel; this is a good example of it.