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Massimo Dutti will open two stores in the United States

Massimo Dutti is a brand from Inditex SA Group, and the smallest one with only 550 stores in 50 markets global compared to Zara with 1,830 units in 82 markets. It will be in October when the brand will open its first store in the U.S.

The first store in the United States wil be opened in mid of October, in Manhattan at 698 Fifth Avenue and then in November  a second one in this country at 1220 Winsconsin Avenue in Washington,D.C.

According to chief executive officer Pablo Isla's, the expansion in the U.S. and Canada will be very important for Massimo Dutti. The target market is a customer a little bit older than Zara's and with a more elegant and classic approach. The pricing is also a little bit higher than Zara's , it starts from $65 USD for a shirt up to $220 for a dress, Massimo Dutti also has the characteristic to put a special attention to merchandise leather and suede products with price ranges from $220-$776 USD.

The brand was originally a menswear company founded in 1985, and was acquired in 1990 by Inditex SA, tailoring is the brand's heritage, therefore, the styiling for the next fall season campaign, had a focus on suits. In addition, the shoot was done in Manhattan in order to honor the coming soon store.

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