Marni is looking for financial partner

Founded in 1994 by designer Consuelo Castiglioni and her husband as Chief executive, the Italian brand Marni is ready to start growing, and to do it hey are taking the necessary steps to find the best financial partner who is in line with the brand's mission.

marniThe chief executive Gianni Castiglioni said to the media that the company is aiming to double their sales within the next five years, and the plan is to have further development of retail. Today the company has presence through 300 multibrand stores proxy and 100 boutiques which are mainly operated by the company in different markets such as Japan, Asia, the United States and Europe, they still don't have presence in Latin America.

Castiglioni also declared that they are looking at industrial partners that can prove compentence and shared long-term vision in addition to financial support, since it is understood that frequently private equity funds are not much appealing, when they forget about the company and expect the company to growth without any costs, which in a future could be harmful for the company.

In addition he said that to be a family owned company the numbers they will have by the end of this year demonstrate a very manageable growth with sales of 130 million euros, or $167.1 million, which means 10 percent up compared with last year.

Following the personality which distinguishes the company's desing, a good blend between structural boldness and timeless design, the head of this company is open to change, growth and develop but always thinking strategically in all the steps and consequences an alliance will have. As far from today, the company produces all of their products in-house, and the first licensing signed was with Estee Lauder company to launch the first fragrance for Marni.