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Lacoste becomes Swiss

Sophie Lacoste Dournel,  Lacoste's president announced on Wednesday that she was selling her shares in the company to Maus Frères, therefor the groups total control goes to the Swiss group.

lacosteSophie Lacoste Dournel said in a press release that she would be selling along with other family members, her 28% share of capital to Maus. Sophie and her father Michel Lacoste, were in a public family row over the matter. Michel Lacoste had made public his opinion about his daughter not being qualified for the position of president and sold his 30.3% stake in the company to Maus, who already held the controlling share of the company (35%).

“After contemplating various options, Sophie Lacoste Dournel and the other family shareholders that she represented came to the decision that any actions opposing the two remaining groups of shareholders could be damaging to interests of the company and the employees,” explained the press release. “As a result, they have decided to sell their shares to the Maus Frères group.”

The Swiss company Maus Fréres was established since 1902 by the Maus and Nordmann families, and it controls the brands Gant, Aigle and Parashop.

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