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How crucial is Social Media for fashion industry?

There is no doubt that Social media, today, is a powerful marketing tool for any mass market or luxury brand in the fashion industry. But still, not all companies have launched their own Twitter, Pinterest or Instagram accounts and even some brands, who have a Facebook page, don’t manage it properly. As a result, there is no engagement. For example, Ballantyne, one of the leader brands in knitwear and cashmere, doesn’t have an official Facebook page, Prada and Tom Ford are not yet on Twitter, and these are just a few examples.

Social mediaAsking to myself the question, how you can do business in the fashion industry and not use the social media, I found a very interesting article regarding this topic on Houssem is a social media marketer and a blogger, he suggested 7 reasons why a business can’t survive without social media, I decided to apply some of his tips on the industry of fashion.

It’s where most people are hanging out, today. For the last few months, more than 900 millions people all over the word have used Facebook and the people in the age of 18-35 represents 58% of Facebook users. At the same time, this age group is the most active consumers of fashion luxury goods. Plus almost 60% of online customers, before making the online purchase choose the item they are interested in, on Pinterest or Facebook. 

Customers want it personal. Social media implies personal, the one to one dialog or public dialog, one to many. And web users are more likely to make comments on the posts, tweets and receive the answers from the brand managers outside the screen, than get an unpersonal mass e-mail delivery full of advertising. Also, social media channel is a good opportunity for the brand managers to know in person the brand advocaters, who they are, what they like and what they are doing. 

It’s the only way to boost brand visibility. Before, I mean just a few years ago, you could inform the audience about an upcoming fashion event or exhibition only with the help of press or online media, with the media kits and tons of calls to the publishing houses. Today, all you need is to post a photo and in just a few seconds you can reach millions of web users, and, consequently, your brand awareness will be increased. Moreover, nowadays, it is very popular to give a report to the web audience what is happening on backstage of fashion show or photoshooting, and what is interesting. This type of posts can gain more visibility and engagement from the users than just a photo of the dress from a new collection. But, here, the most important thing is the strategy of managing the social media accounts, of course it is impossible to reach a high brand visibility with the poor content on social media pages.

Gives you feedback. If the brand managers have the right strategy, where customer and not a product is in the center of the business activity, a client's feedback will be the yardstick of the brand performance. And the best way to know the feedback is not to do a survey or ask to fill in the brochure about customer service but simply check the number of fans and followers, their comments on the website and social media pages. As Houssem wrote, on social media, a company can get the honest feedback even without asking for it.

There shouldn’t be a question any more to launch or not to launch the social media account, the only question which brand managers together with digital marketing specialists should ask is how we need to manage the page on social media in order to achieve the better engagement and brand visibility.

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