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How a brand can improve its Social Media tactics?

Social media has already become a survival tool for many. And for those who are still shying it away, their identity remains unacknowledged. A lot has been said in this regard, a lot has been written, discussed, and always the conclusion turns out as simple as it could be- Social Media presence is of utmost importance, especially in the industry of Fashion and Luxury, where the message goes viral within seconds and where the word of mouth accounts for most of the stimulative purchases.

Social media bandwagonSpeaking of today and going in depth on how, exactly, does this help leads us to the fact that having a page up there all beautiful but static is as bad as having no page at all. What matters the most is the active management of your official social media account and the strategy to ensure full customer engagement for the same.

Quoting here Ms. Lori Randall Stradtman, one of the great contributors of ‘social media and brand analytics’ taking contents from one of her writings: How to make your brand's social media 10x better, the following questions should be kept in mind to run a successful social media campaign and acquiring the ultimate awareness for your brand: 

- Who decides what the messages (to post) will be? 

A social-media smart person who thoroughly studies the competitor’s online activities would be apt for this job. A brand manager needs to make sure the job is done in the right way as it all starts with the content.

- Who sets the tone (of those messages)? 

Here, again, an experienced online team needs to comprehend the type of consumers and the arena they are dealing in. The consumer perception may differ from region to region and hence, the users should be dealt in the same manner.

- Where you will post? 

The platform is really important as not all the content can be thrown anywhere. The content should be posted in the right place and the right time to be completely assured of achieving the best results.

- How you will post? 

Are the posts made on a brand’s own page, in a discussion, with some graphics etc- such questions should be answered before making a move.

- What monitoring tools you will use? 

The job has been done. The effort has been made. Now what? Ofcourse, monitoring the performance of your approach within the desired consumers. For any sort of monitoring, it is important to choose the right tools to give the best and accurate synthesis of the results on your digital strategies.

- Who will be monitoring via these tools? 

Tools are not enough. The analytics behind understanding the data are rather complex and a brand needs special experts to be able to get a gist of the digital strategies within seconds.

- Why you even have an online presence? 

It is important to analyze the importance of staying digitally active and see how you can manipulate this opportunity to the best of your benefits. 

- How will you handle online crisis? 

This is one of the aspects where the companies loose a lot of clients. The tone of voice, the ways to handle criticisms matter a lot as there is a chance to gain or loose a consumer’s trust toward you just by one word spoken wrong. 

Hence, it can be concluded that it is rather an easy process to maintain a good online image that people can still relate to your brand, even when offline. The only thing to be kept in mind is a right strategy to show the customers that you care and you are always at their disposal, no matter what!

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