Fashionbi Index Book® - Why Every Publicity Is A Good Publicity?


What is it?

Fashionbi Index® is a measure of a brand's consideration in the markets - a quantitative value, that, simply, gives an instant information on how much awareness a brand has in the global markets, how much reach and visibility it has achieved in a specific time period and what is the trend line behind such a growth for the brand, within its competitive arena and specific market segment.

How does it work?

Imagine you are Urban Outfitters in the month of September 2014. You created a T-shirt and named it “Vintage Kent State Sweatshirt” which basically signified Kent State shootings of 1970! You got a ton lot of heat from the internet, the media, not only in the US but worldwide. 

Now, imagine you are Victoria Beckham, you certainly have more than 'I cannot concentrate in flats' to your personality. All throughout 2014, you do a series of exciting events and campaigns such as a collaboration with Skype to tell your story, organising an amazing gala at the Art Science Museum in Singapore or a partnership with THEOUTNET.COM to sell more than 600 items of your desirable clothing to benefit the charity mothers2mothers.

The mere fact that the whole planet was talking of you at some point (good or bad), is a fact that the Index ranking is based upon. It is this - the consideration, the buzz, the mentions and talks on you - these quantitative factors that at some point gives a peak to a brand's index ranking, and the absence of it give it a bland trend line!

The Index Book

The book is a synthesized representation of the best of the bests indexed brands throughout the year 2014. Market segment-by market segment case-studies on 24 brands has been highlighted inside; with a summary of what fashion & luxury brands have recently be doing, plus, clear insights on how to identify growth opportunities for your brand with the speed needed to compete in today’s complex and highly competitive markets on tight budgets.

Here's a peak at what you get:

Mass-market: H&M, the leader of the segment, Urban Outfitters, any kind of publicity to be good publicity, Aéropostale, teenage angst, Converse, collaborating with the elite, Desigual, atypical fashion shows

Premium Luxury market: Michael Kors, defining modern luxury, Louis Vuitton, the art of collaboration, Chanel, the unforgettable fashion shows, Victoria Beckham, a star on the designer’s seat, Marc Jacobs, a social media affair

Underwear & Swimwear market: Victoria’s Secret, leveraging your brand assets, Intimissimi, creating memorable experiences, Tezenis,is all about Valentine’s Day, La Perla, going back to the Origins

Activewear market: Nike Vs Adidas, the World Cup Battle, Sochi Winter Olympics, which brands stroke golds

Beauty market: MAC, a multi-faceted approach to marketing, Dove, redefining beauty, Kiehl’s, towards a social lift-off, Lancôme, knowing your customers


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