Fashion Weeks' Most Important Trends & Influencers

The fashion week, this year again, has been a major event for the four most fashionable cities in the world: New York, London, Milan and Paris. Thus, as usual, the brands, bloggers and other fashion influencers & enthusiasts have taken to social media to spread pictures, posts and their personal opinions of the Fashion Weeks.

It is, therefore, crucial to take two of the most important and trending social media channels into account (Twitter and Instagram), and compare the Most Trending Topics and the Most Popular Influencers and Brands around them.

First and foremost, let's see Twitter. Numerous Tweets were posted in the period of Fashion weeks, in line with to 5 main trending topics:

#nyfw: was mentioned 152404 times, with 9 average retweets and 6 replies on the post containing this trending topic in the fashion & luxury industry

#lfw: similarly, this trend was mentioned 57225 times and the Tweet containing this trend got 9 retweets and 5 replies on an average

#mfw: gained 34343 mentions, 5 retweets and 3 replies on an average on its mentioning-posts

#pfw: till now, this trend has been mentioned on Twitter 46987 times, with 6 retweets and 2 replies on an average to the posts dedicated to it

What can be easily concluded via above data is that NYFW was certainly a buzz-generating trend, hence, the Fashion week that people were excitingly looking forward to and unfortunately, MFW was the least mentioned (or desired) amongst the Twitter Fashion audiences. The reason behind could be due to a a lot of factors - the timing, new talents, brand's marketing activities, celebrity-linkage etc etc.

Surprisingly, #menswear as well was a trend mentioned a lot during the women's fashion week, with 4016 mentions whereas, the actual #womenswear had only 1386 mentions in the period, on the Twitter channel. Perhaps, the Fashion critics were comparing the two shows from the brands and analyzing the best of the two Fashion weeks!

What is also striking is that on Twitter, the top Online influencers (KOLs) around this Fashion week trend, were the major fashion magazine/journals such as Vogue, Elle and such:

VOGUE.CO.UK : there were 737 Brands’ Mentioned by @BritishVogue in its offcial Tweets on Twitter; mentioning brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Oscar De La Renta and of course, Britain's very own Burberry etc. : mentioned Fashion brands 470 times during the Fashion Week. Some of them were Prada, JPG# and, surprisingly, (or not) H&M

ELLE UK: mentioned 273 times Fashion brands in its Tweets related to Fashion weeks! Mostly, Chanel and Dior

NYTimes Fashion: did 233 Brands’ Mentions, in the period Chanel, Saint Laurent and Givenchy

T Magazine : mentioned 217 Brands, with most recent being Stella McCartney, Gucci, Chloe and Valentino

For New York Fashion Week (NYFW), as so many Tweets were mentioning so many different brands, there was no particular trend observed for a brand standing out. For the London Fashion Week (LFW), Burberry was mainly mentioned as it is one of its most important heritage brands. For the Milan Fashion Week (MFW), Roberto Cavalli got a great exposure on Twitter. And finally for the Paris Fashion Week (PFW), Chanel was mentioned quite a lot, more than any other brands. 

Now, let's see how Instagram contributed in the buzz-generation around this most important time of the year. Even though there were not so many posts as on Twitter, certain trends were more popular than others, as it was possible to distinguish 6 particularly popular trends (similar to those found on Twitter):

#nyfw: got mentioned 38926 times in the period, with 5 comments and 423 likes on an average on the posts containing this topic

#lfw: had 10704 mentions with 5 comments and 580 likes on an average

#mfw: gained10995 mentions, 5 comments on average, along with average 470 likes on the posts containing this topic

#pfw: had the least mentions -7519 with 5 comments and 530 likes on an average

Hence, easily, NYFW won in the buzz category on Instagram, whereas, PFW stood last. Analyzing the same against Twitter results, NYFW was a clear winner, gaining the most mentions and getting the most enthusiasm around it. Whereas, the last two - Milan and Paris Fashion Weeks were the least popular. One of the most obvious reason behind could be that it was the ending period, hence, the enthusiasm went down, plus, the celebrity and blogger associations are always the most for New York, than any other fashion capital in Europe.

Besides, #menswear was even more spoken about on Instagram with 13606 mentions instead of #womenswear, which was the actual show content. This clearly indicates that people make comparisons, no matter if it is Mens or Womens Fashion Week, they still talk of the other gender, could be possibly because the mention is next to a male-celebrity wearing amazing outfits during these events and what not.

Accordingly to these six popular Instagram trends, several Influencers (KOLs) appeared around them, which were, unlike Twitter, the real fashion-lovers, rather than the business magazines/editorials:

Eletrikhman: actively participated in mentioning the Fashion Week trends next to 289 brand mentions, in total. The brands this KOL most recently posted of were Acne Studios AB and Chloe

Ramaabl: mentioned the brands next to the trending topics, 549 times, with latest mentions on the brands such as Acne, Nina Ricci and Alexandre Vaulthier

Abbyzacky: did 732 mentions of the fashion brands, on Instagram in September. Some of the brands mentioned were Isabel Marant, Viktor & Rolf and Dries Van Noten

Jonnyhrab: did 231 mentions of the brands, the most mentioned brands being Moschino, A.F. Vandevorst and Christian Wijnants

Additionally, Mac cosmetics brand itself, was the most active in posting about Fashion Weeks!

To synthesize, several brands were mentioned high number of times. In the NYFW, it was Dolce & Gabbana which was hugely popular, surprisingly; other very famous brands were not the ones mentioned so much. For the London Fashion Week, Mary Katrantzou was mentioned hugely. For the Milan Fashion Week, Dolce & Gabbana was again, one of the brands the most mentioned on Instagram. As for the Paris Fashion Week, Chloé was definitely the 'trendiest' brand.

Hence, looking back at both the chosen Social Media channels here, it can be observed that although, the most popular trending topics were coinciding on both channels, it was the kind of influencers (on Twitter more professional and business companies, on Instagram more of the real audiences), the kind of brands popular (Twitter more premium, Instagram more luxury) and the users' engagement rate (higher on Instagram than on twitter) that diversify the importance of both channels. Of course both are crucial and can't be ignored, especially, in times of such special events.

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