Fashion Week: The Brands’ Battle on Weibo

Fashionbi’s latest Webinar entitled, “Fashion Week: The Brands’ Battle on Weibo” was a successful event. Our speakers took our viewers through an overview of how fashion events can be used to maximize social media presence for fashion brands.

ValentinoStarting off by discussing China’s social media network, Weibo, Regina Fernandez helped the viewers by giving tips and advice on how to be present on this burgeoning channel. “I guess, you could describe it as a mix between Facebook and Twitter, but the more you get used to using Weibo, you’ll realize its very unique and you can’t really compare it to any other social network,” says Fernandez.

They then took their viewers through their market research results, taken from Fashionbi’s Advanced Weibo Analytics. Discussing the effects of engagement and activity during Mens Fashion Week correlating to followers growth, average audience, and reactions. “One of the things we really wanted to know is, do higher levels of activity promise better engagement?”, says Fernandez, “well that is what we will find out!”

ArmaniMoving unto their results, the tag team speakers also discussed users engagement, and the findings regarding what kind of audience were mostly engaging during Fashion Week. “So here we have for you the kind of viewers that were engaging during Fashion Week, and I don’t know about you guys, but we here at Fashionbi were very surprised with the results,” says Courtney Gerring about their findings.

They topped it off with brand ranking in terms of social media presence. “As you can see, sometimes you may think that you are doing well - but once you benchmark yourselves with your competitors, you may find that you’re not as great after all,” says Gerring, further emphasizing the importance of social media monitoring.

Overall, the webinar was successful and insightful, hoping to bring viewers a more interesting and informative look at China’s social media industry. And with this continuously growing trend toward the East, we find ourselves looking towards the next trending topic in the digital industry, to further involve ourselves in informative learning!

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