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Fashion Brands Made in Germany: Germany’s Hottest Fashion Designers

Hugo Boss Shanghai AffairsGermany may not be a country associated with fashion and style but actually this is a mistake. The enormous and ongoing hype around Berlin as a creative hub in Europe is driving the attention into the fashion and design scene. Besides the Berlin design and fashion culture, Germany disposes quite a long list of fashion designers and luxury brands across different market segments. 

Let's have a closer look at three very different brands and their strategies:

If one thinks about the German fashion landscape the first brand which pops into mind is most likely, Hugo Boss. This is no surprise as Hugo Boss is one of the most successful brands within the upper premium sector and is constantly evolving in terms of their collections – just recently Jason Wu became the new artistic director - and marketing strategy.

A Fascinating 3-D World

Over the years, Hugo Boss created an all around, brand world, thanks to their innovative marketing strategies globally and across all channels. With special attention on their integrated digital approach, which has proved to be progressive and highly innovative. Luxury Daily has named Hugo Boss as a, “Social Media King.” The brand creates new trends by constantly initiating original approaches and delivering fresh content to engage with their online communities. Hugo Boss emphasizes the importance of content integration into various channels and always putting into action 360° campaigns, which intelligently link online and offline campaigns. One remarkable example is the 3D fashion show entitled, “New Dimension Beijing."

Shoppable Video as a Key Driver for E-commerce

Most recently as a key initiative to push the summer collection, Hugo Boss published a new ‘shoppable video’ for the Shanghai Affairs CampaignThe short emotional video displays the total product range within a story concept; starring, Lin Chi Ling and Jon Kortajarena. The video not only enhances the shopping experience, but also simplifies the shopping experience and will ultimately drive the e-commerce to a new level. Dalia Strum, a professor at FIT, New York stated, “This is a dynamic approach to featuring content and enabling a seamless strategy from inspiration, to desire to purchase.” 

MYKITA ProductEye love MYKITA

Following the description of important German fashion brands let’s have a closer look at the contemporary luxury eyewear label, MYKITA. The name does not strike or sound German, but this deceives! MYKITA is the successful up and coming eyewear brand from Berlin and was created in 2003 with a unique position in the highly competitive eyewear market, which tends to generally be dominated by the big licensee players.

The brand is internationally known – thanks to a prominent product placement in Sex and the City 2 film, which created an immediate buzz and increased the global awareness. The brand is known for their handcrafted and innovative spectacles and sunglasses with an outstanding signature design, avant-garde and distinctive style. This unique and design oriented eyewear brand has been honored with several design awards. MYKITA’s trademark is technology, and develops their product with the use of modern materials, and worked up inter alia the patented hinge and MYLON concept.

“We always offer something that is thoroughly modern, using the best technologies available. In addition, we strive to innovate in terms of designs and shapes, with special care taken to make the best fit for a variety of faces and to please a host of tastes,” stated by Moritz Krüger, CEO & Creative Director MYKITA. Moreover, MYKITA is constantly teaming up with a selective list of designers, artists and brands to craft special collections. Just to list a few: Damir Doma, Beth Dito, Moncler, Bernhard Wilhelm, Lady Gaga, Côte Ciel, etc. 

MYKITA is efficiently using the various online channels to communicate and build relationships with their “fans”. Besides their own blog - MYKITA BLOG, the brand is active and successful on the most important social media channels, such as; Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and Pinterest. MYKITA has a very active digital and social media strategy, through the activity on, The MYKITA BLOG and to the ongoing communication of news, new product launches, collaborations, events, and company insights. The brand has taken a personal approach to connect with their followers, which has proven successful.

ME, MYKITA, & I CAMPAIGNME, MYKITA & I – a successful community engagement

Moreover, the brand is known for the monthly sweepstake “ME, MYKITA & I”on Facebook, where customers are featured with their new glasses and the best photo wins a new frame. Thus, the customers are intelligently transformed into brand ambassadors. All of these attributes and features make the brand a favorite amongst an urban, hip and individual consumer, who is embracing the MYKITA spirit. Stay tuned for what will happen next in the MYKITA house. Most recently they opened their doors to their first ever flagship boutique in New York City. 

A Growing Player - TOM TAILOR

Tom Tailor belongs to one of the biggest mass-market players in the German fashion industry. The company is constantly growing and has become an international success. Tom Tailor specializes in fashionable casual wear for women, men, teens and kids. In 2012 the brand increased their e-commerce revenues by 43%, a jump from 24,7 to 35,3 million Euro. As published on, Exciting

Tom Tailor has shifted their strategy to invest and focus in communication. Most recently launching TV spots to push their latest collections. The brand has also successfully re-launched their official website and two months ago they were honored with the German Award for Online communication.

Tom Tailor Social Media RoomSocial Media Room

The website features a special microsite dedicated to the social platforms: “Social Media Room”, where all channels are shown and the visitors can see a quick overview insights into what is buzzing across the social media channels. So far, besides the business networks the brand is engaging with their fans on Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube and will surely expand their presence in the future. Conspicuous is that Tom Tailor chose to communicate with their audience solely in German, which limits their opportunities in reaching the international customer segmentation, but of course this is changeable. On the brand’s Twitter channel they had a nice idea in introducing the followers to the spoke persons with pictures behind the microblog.

The list of rising German fashion brands could be never ending. The legends and global players such as Hugo Boss and Adidas are the forerunners in the German fashion market, but the rookies are certainly sweeping the fashion and design landscape. Overall everyone understands the importance of a solid digital marketing plan, and each brand in their own sense, whether the brand is a classic heritage brand or a young newcomer embracing the most innovative digital and social media marketing strategy.

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