Fashion And Faith: A Winning Combination in Dubai

"Staying true to Islam and looking good, doesn't have to come as a contradiction", Alia Khan, founder of the Islamic Fashion Design Council (IFDC), announced that to while introducing her new initiative of organizing a special fashion show like no other: an Islamic fashion show.
With the increasing demand for fashion reflective of modern Muslim culture -800 million women so far- the market will witness the birth of a new gold mine segment and it is precisely for this reason that the IFDC is launching for the first time such a project that will be showcasing growing talents in the Islamic fashion (be it muslim designers or not) and design world.
The event will take place in Dubai World Trade Centre, around the second quarter of 2014 with the aim to provide the "Mohajaba" market a chance to keep up with the latest trends and to grant emerging talent the opportunity to gain further exposure and success. The fashion show will also be completed with the launch of an e-commerce website as well as a magazine called ‘Cover’.
This is not the first Islamic fashion of its kind taking place in the world, Indonesia and Turkey are known to host yearly Islamic fashion weeks.

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