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Facebook tricks and tactics

Not very long ago, I was reading an article named “4 Facebook Updates You Need to Be Aware Of” by one of the most engaging social media ‘chefs’ online, Chris Tompkins. The article had a really interesting mention on what kind of new features have been introduced on Facebook over the course of time and how has it helped the individuals to enhance the visibility of their own individual Facebook pages.

new Facebook featuresAccording to Mr. Tompkins, Offer, Event, Milestone, Question; Extended Analytics; Scheduling Posts; and Region Select, are the four new additional features Facebook recently offered to its users. For instance, “when you go to post a “Status Update” you have the option of clicking a button to post an offer. All of your status updates will be fed into the NewsFeed, so everyone who has “Liked” your page will see your offer.” This is a very nice way to keep your fans updated on all the new promotions, automatically, achieve their engagement on your page and at the same time, be present in their eyes, their minds, on a regular basis. Also “if you are on your Facebook Page, look underneath your posts and see the ‘reach’ of the post (including the number of people reached and the percentage of your overall network who has seen it).” A great way to keep a track of all the more popular and less popular activities that lead to gaining or loosing of fan engagements. Another great feature talks of “Scheduling the Posts.” On the bottom right corner of status update box is a clock icon, to schedule the date for when to post the new update, much like a planner. And last but not the least, the author talks about, is the medium to “targeting your posts directly to the appropriate market”. Now, this feature has been a boon to a lot of brands, especially fashion brands, who use this method to communicate with the local public, highlighting their local offers, collections, promotions and what not. Not making the page messy, keeping the post confined to specific regions for specific audience in their specific languages too. 

Fashionbi Facebook InsightsA lot has been said and done already. But there is much more that lies behind such complex analytics. These new features surely help a brand enhance it’s image on the most powerful social media networks in the world, but its not just upto that. It is, rather, obligatory for a brand to satisfy the appetite of the fashion-hungry fans, who are using this platform as a means to be updated on their favorite brands. Now, what is the challenge here for a brand is to increase their page fans count, gain their fans attention and keep them involved with the brands activities on the official page. If one fan is engaged, many more will follow.

At Fashionbi, this count is constantly kept a track of. The most fruitful information, helping a brand improve its tactics is brought forward. Which kind of brand’s post generate more user engagement? What is the quantity of engagements according to the type of post? What has been the trend in the last seven days, what has been the trend last month, last 6 months and so on. How is a brand performing as compared to the Benchmark brand(s)? And lastly, the posts themselves. Now doesn’t this make one’s work easy? Knowing one’s stand as compared to the best of the bests? Wait, there is more. The same data can be known about the brand’s competitors. Every information you need to Discover, Compare and Follow- is all just a click away!

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