Evolution of Kipling and its targeted push into travel

Kipling is best known for its innovative use of crinkled nylon, monkey mascots, as well its air of 90s nostalgia, since the accessories label was one of the biggest brands of the 1990s. However, in recent years Kipling hadn’t been evolving with the times, until Vera Breuer joined as global president. The Belgium- born brand has seen a revival as well as a modernisation under the new global creative vision - ‘Kipling Live.Light’, which embraces the brand’s heritage whilst also targeting millennials.
2020 is going to be the year of travel for Kipling, with the launch of a new range of polycarbonate ‘hard case’ luggage for spring/summer. The Curiosity range launching in bold red, yellow and blue colours, has been developed to embody Kipling's 'Live.Light' philosophy by being “extremely robust yet sleek and lightweight” while being unique with the interior featuring a map of Antwerp, Kipling’s birthplace.

The brand’s first foray into polycarbonate luggage will be showcased alongside new innovations, including hybrid cases and rucksacks, which allow travellers to zip off the front to reveal a backpack. “When you search Kipling you find travel, it’s really a natural route, so travel is definitely a focus because like our creative vision says - ‘Live.Light’ - we want to power our customer’s curiosity with our light high-quality bags, as well as tap into one of the biggest growing segments that will be guaranteed to grow in the in the years to come.

“While we have had to catch-up we wanted to be perfectly happy with the luggage so it was ready to launch, we really wanted to get the details right. We’ve changed all of our wheels, and of course we wanted to do it the Kipling way, something more colourful but sleek, as well as unisex.”