Etro to Support Italy’s WWF on Animal Conservation

With the winged Pegasus stallion of Greek mythology as the brand’s symbol since 1968, it comes as no surprise that Etro is going to the rescue of endangered animal species and showing its commitment to combat the changes in nature and biodiversity.

To this end, the Italian luxury company is joining forces with the country’s WWF, donating funds for a number of wildlife conservation initiatives.

The first of such projects is aimed at safeguarding wolves and protecting the environments where the animal lives, as well as other species sharing the same lands. The wolf bears a historical meaning in Italy as it is linked with the legend of the founding of Rome by mythical twins Romulus and Remus.

“Today, more than ever, we are aware of how much the Earth is a unique and precious mother for us all, to be preserved and protected. In the past months, we observed, from our homes, many animals freely repopulating areas from which they had long been absent,” noted Kean Etro, men’s creative director of the house.

During lockdown, local newscasts showed images of animals taking over areas traditionally flooded with people, including a swan serenely swimming in a Venice canal.