Derek Lam is sold by Labelux

The American brand Derek Lam that was established few years ago in 2003 by the designer and his partner Jan-Hendrik Schlottmann, was sold by its holding company Labelux Group GmbH to its original founders.

dereklamIn July of 2008, the holding company Labelux Group GmbH acquired a majo stake of Derek Lam International LLC, just five years after it was founded, being the first acquisition of Labelux Group GmbH which was created in 2007 aiming to become a main player in the luxury industry.

Despite that the terms of the negotiation are not public yet. The Chief executive officer from Labelux Group GmbH said the decision comes after a new strategy where they will be focus from now on, specifically in luxury leather goods and shoes. On the other hand, the designer and partner said they were really thankful to the holding company for having helped the brand through a strategic guidance during four years.

Under the managing of the holding company the brand expanded it's categories to accessories, shoes, handbags and eyewear. In addition, they launched a difussion line called 10 Crosby Derek Lam and the designer also created a limited-edition collection for Kohl's Design Nation.