Burberry gets Digital with the New iPhone 5S

Burberry SS14The social media content surrounding Burberry’s spring/summer 2014 show at London Fashion Week was captured exclusively using Apple’s new iPhone 5S iSight camera. Forget waiting to receive the new iPhone 5S, just turn to Burberry's Instagram feed. Apple partnered with the infamous British fashion house to use the latest Apple product to capture their pastel-colored and stunning S/S 2014 collection. This was certainly one rock hot cross promotional relationship. 

Burberry SS14

Digital Innovation at LFW

Of course no surprise here that the British heritage brand was on top of the digital innovation during London Fashion Week, testing the latest feature's on Apple's new iPhone 5S. Just a few of the new features include, “larger sensor, better live exposure adjustment, auto image stabilization and live video zoom.” The camera also includes a new ‘burst’ mode that allows users to shoot 10 photos per second, as well as an option for slow-motion. Wow, a perfect device to pair with a fashion week! 

Straight after the show, Burberry edited the creative work into a stunning video uploaded on YouTube. The video featured models backstage, the collection on the runway, and celebrities including Sienna Miller and Anna Wintour interviewed outside. The brand also activated a 15-second slow-motion piece that they uploaded on Instagram, we highly recommend that you check it out! Here you can really get a sneak peek look into the capabilities of the new iPhone 5S. Burberry's stunning Spring/Summer 2014 collection powered by the beauty of pastels and Apple's genius technology. 

Burberry Behind the Scenes SS14Thanks to Fashionbi Soclal Media Analytics, we were able to see just how successful this cross promotional campaign proved to be. The infamous Instagram video, generated over 20,000 likes immediately following the show. The video has now reached almost 22,000 likes, and the user activity surrounding the three days post the event has increased by over 1,000% on the brand's Instagram page. The follower's growth has increased by 29,668 followers within 3 days, which is an increase of over 568%. 

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We HIGHLY recommend taking a look into Burberry's Instagram page, the collection is stunning, but fashionistas and style enthusiasts will not be the only ones interested to see how the iPhone 5S will absolutely change the digital world. Slow-motion video, slow motion for me, be inspired by this successful cross-promotional initiative.