Brian Atwood goes online

The footwear and handbag designer Brian Atwood which is part of the The Jones Group Inc. has unveiled the e-shop on its website.

baThe new site will carry the brand's complete collections Brian Atwood and B Brian Atwood of footwear and handbags, in this way the brand will offer footwear at "hyper-luxe" price points which will be retail up to few thousand dollars.

A new section called "Vault" will allow invite-only visitors to access editorial content like director's cut froma branded film and behind the scenes images. In addition visitors will be able to wathch the desinger's film series "Sex is in the Heel", shop digital look books and also thet will be able to see Atwood's personally edits, inspirations and obsessions.

The new e-shop site comes together with the opening of Madison Avenue boutique which will be before the middle of this month.