Benefit, Takes the Dragon by the Horns in China

Everybody knows that China is a tough market to enter, but it seems that the Californian brand, Benefit, found the magic potion with the Chinese consumers. The brand has been in this country since 2007, but the success truly came when they focused on the digital media as a big platform to win the Chinese in 2011.

We’re not a retailer first and foremost, we’re first and foremost a brand that creates products” said Valerie Hoecke (Senior vice president of digital experience and commerce), including “We also really wanted to grow our communications efforts in Asia, where digital consumption is very strong”.

Benefit 's goal is not having a big e-commerce presence like they do in the U.S., but instead it is to support the actual presence in stores and different distribution channels with information about the products and culture; "our number one priority for us is really communication and education in those markets", "in China, people are hungry for international culture" said Valerie Hoecke, senior vice president of digital experience and commerce at Benefit.

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