An Influencer at a Young Age: Tala Samman

Nowadays, getting everyone’s attention in the fashion and luxury industry is not easy, in fact it is a very competitive arena. Therefore it is always rewarding to meet people who find the way to shine and stand out of the crowd to build up their dreamed professional career.

A good reference is the sun rising from the SouthEast in Dubai, Tala Samman, a young and professional girl who is doing extremely well using the power of social media to help her build presence everywhere. Now she is one of the top influencers in Middle East on Premium and luxury market segments with more than 16K followers on twitter and 35K followers on Instagram, according to Fashionbi KOL's Report. With Syrian roots,Tala Samman was born in Chicago and grew up in Dubai. She started her career path at high school, with the style section in the school's newspaper.This opportunity gave her a chance to realize that the only thing she would want to study at University would be fashion.Hence, she moved to London and studied at the London College of Fashion in Fashion Media and Communication. She started her blog career as a fashion diary and sharing her fashion experiences and then she found herself into a full fledged site which was launched in 2009 and now her full time job in Dubai.

To know more about one of the Middle East's favorite fashion bloggers' experience, it was possible to conduct a nice interview for Fashionbi's Weekend Editions. Through this informative interview Tala shares the key factors for being a blogger and how she addresses the needs of social media.

Today, Tala is the founder of the worldwide recognized blog "My Fash Diary". A fashion ambassador, celebrity and blogger, she spends her time between Dubai and London where she is studying Fashion Promotion at the London College of Fashion.

This successful Middle East blogger has been awarded the Fashion Personality of the Year in 2012 by Grazia Middle East Awards. In addition she is constantly featuring fashion magazines like Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Vogue UK, Vogue US, Vogue Italy, and Grazia UK. Tala has been working with luxury companies such as Tom Ford, Sephora and Nokia, among many others. Her exquisite sense of style and her creativity talent, make all of her work easy to be admired. Her exquisite sense of style and her creativity talent, make all of her work easy to be admired.

In the following interview Tala shares some tips about being a blogger and let us know her perception about fashion and luxury industry.

Fashionbi - We would like to learn more about Middle East women. All we know is they are so beautiful and love fashion …. Could you describe the Dubai women?

Tala Samman - They're glamorous, they appreciate luxury and love the attention to detail - not to mention one of the most hospitable culture in the world!

Fashionbi - Tell us about your blog, what inspired you to start blogging? Which were the firsts challenges you had to face?

Tala Samman - Being a fashion student and the daughter of Nina Ricci 's face in the Middle East, I wanted an online diary to share my fashion experiences. In terms of challenges, with blogging you're all in or all out - it's time consuming and a commitment because I update the site every day 7 days a week and have been doing so for over 4 years now!!!

Fashionbi - You have been voted “Fashion personality of the year” by Grazia in 2012 and “Best Style Blog” by Grazia in 2011, moreover, you have been featured in Harpers Bazaar Arabia, Vogue UK, Vogue US, Vogue Italy, and Grazia UK. What do you think helped you to cross boundaries and position your blog in the international spotlight?

Tala Samman - The fact that it caters to a large range of women. Being a Middle Eastern woman who was born in the suburbs in the US and grew up in such a cosmopolitan Middle Eastern country as well as lived in London and New York, I'm very open minded and constantly curious.

Fashionbi - The success that your blog has experienced has led to numerous partnerships, you have worked with lots of fashion and luxury brands such as ASOS, Tom Ford, Halston and Net-A-Porter and many others . How do you get in touch with these brands or how do they can contact with you for a particular project or collaboration? Is it done directly or through PR Agencies?

Tala Samman - Luckily, I've always been contacted by agencies and the brands themselves.

Fashionbi - What kind of contents do you look to publish more in your blog? Do you like to publish content about local brands, or do you always prefer the international ones? Which Social Media platforms do you use? ( where it is easier for you to engage your followers or fans?)

Tala Samman - I don't over think this. If I'm excited about something that I discovered or learnt about, I'm usually excited to blog about it.

Fashionbi - What are Myfashdiary plans for the future? Could you tell us a few hints about the upcoming business projects?

Tala Samman - Expanding! I'll have to keep it in for now :)

Fashionbi - Can you tell us the first word that comes to your mind after these words?

Tala Samman - Luxury: Quality

Business: Strategic

Creativity: Art

Social Media: Communication

In this rapidly developing world, social media is growing at an explosive rate with millions of people all over the world generating and sharing the content that they are interested in. Through this visibility on social media, the popular topics contribute to the collective awareness of what is trending. Myfashdiary has known how influential the social media can be and it shows how we can use this to be a part of the fashion world.

This blog follows the excitement of the fashion industry that has hit Dubai and it helps creates trends by posting twice a day, 7 days a week. The role that bloggers have nowadays as influencers for fashion and luxury brands has gained a valuable and key role in their digital marketing strategies. Marketers are able to know the power of influence thanks to datapoints as those offered in Fashionbi's Digital Marketing Database, which shows them how the influencers interact with the brand and plan new marketing campaigns and collaborations with them.