A Look Back At The Top 10 Best Holiday Campaigns 2014

Brands outperformed themselves last holiday season and we were left to enjoy their heartwarming, humorous and 'oh-so-impactful' marketing efforts. We looked into all Holiday 2014 campaigns and with the use of the Fashionbi Index®, here we deliver the season's most memorable and unique campaigns that epitomised how to do holiday marketing right.

John Lewis #MontyThePenguin

With 1.8m views on YouTube on its first day of its release (as for the end of December, it had reached an astonishing 20.4 million views), the much-anticipated Holiday campaign from UK department store, John Lewis, focuses on love and magic and tells the story of a unique friendship, that exists between Sam and his toy penguin, Monty.

John Lewis tugged on the heartstrings with a heart-warming tale about the wonder of Christmas and brings Sam and Monty’s friendship into our homes. The campaign was fully integrated with books, audio readings, penguin stuffed animals, and penguin-patterned pyjamas available for purchase in-stores and online.

Moreover, an ultra engaging experience is offered for children. In Monty’s Den, found in-store in partnership with Samsung through Microsoft photogrammetry 3D software, children can have their photo taken with Monty and try on the Monty Goggles to get 360-degree view of Monty ’s world.

The brand's Fashionbi Index® Trends clearly depicts the impact of the campaign, with the score increasing 9 times the year's average the first week of November when the campaign was launched. 

Sainsbury's Tu Christmas Jumpers

The UK supermarket Sainsbury’s chose to promote its apparel Sainsbury's Tu brand’s festive jumpers, with a truly humorous lo-fi home-made video, shot exactly as if a spectator filmed it using a smartphone. 

The clip features a group of middle-aged dads on stage dressed on Christmas decorated jumpers, dancing to a Dubstep version of a Christmas classic, Tchaikovsky's Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy and instantly became a social winner, generating over a 1.5 million views on YouTube in the week of its release on Facebook. 

Let's now see how this holiday campaign was delineated in the Fashionbi Index® Trend Line.

Once again, the impact is immense thanks to the increased generated brand's considerations. The score increased by 55% compared to the year's average, underlining how positively publicised a brand can be when launching a unique campaign. 

Merry Marketing from Premium Brands

Premium brands did not fail to engage consumers with either magical fairytale-inspired or with boldly humorous concepts. Let's explore the key details of each.

Burberry - From London with Love

The story, set against a theatrical London backdrop, takes viewers to a magical musical cinematic journey. The spot highlighted the brand’s best gifting items from the iconic heritage trench coat to the cashmere scarves and beauty products. In protagonist role of cupid features Romeo Beckham as Cupid playing alongside the models Anders Hayward and Hannah Dodd. Over the last months, the campaign has been featuring across cinemas, all brand's social media and in outdoor advertising as well. 

A common trend regarded among premium brands, is that their brands' considerations abruptly decrease after the fashion week buzz. With the holiday season shopping approaching, the need for immediate brand associations on the consumer minds becomes highly important. To increase it, therefore, from the post-shows hiatus, the brands race to create the most magical and viral spread campaigns. 

On the plotted above last 4-months Fashionbi Index® Trend Line of Burberry, the aforementioned trend is displayed as the Trend Line starts to steadily increase from the beginning of November 2014, once the campaign was launched. 

Mulberry #WinChristmas

Mulberry's holiday campaign video #WinChristmas shows a young preppy woman unwrapping Christmas gifts from her family and boyfriend. Each gift better than the previous one - among which a hand-painted portrait, an adorable trained already puppy and a unicorn, didn't come close to the last one from Grandma; a fuchsia Mulberry Bayswater.

While most campaigns thrive on sentimental seasonal concepts, Mulberry chose to be different turning festive gift-giving into a competition  in which a Mulberry handbag always thrives as the winner.

At the end of the YouTube video, Mulberry included a link to its gift guide, where all brand's gift proposals are displayed. The campaign spread across social media and was complemented by an Instagram Contest

Here, is another example of the trend as showcased above with Burberry. Mulberry's Fashionbi Index® Trend "recuperated" once the Holiday campaign had been launched. 

Hermès - A Little Holiday Magic

To conclude with the higher end of the market, one has to refer to the Hermès' little holiday magic.

The Luxury brand released a heartwarming, equestrian-themed animated campaign for this year's holiday; a spin-off of the classic tale of Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. The short (under a minute long) spot is available on the brand's website and tells the story of Rudolph, the clumsy reindeer which while poking under Santa's sleigh accidentally ends up with decorated antlers, a red ornament nose, and the ability to fly, given by an Hermès' foulard!

Tiffany & Co. - A Tiffany Holiday

The animated story-telling campaign themed was followed by Tiffany & Co. as well. The illustrated campaign called "A Tiffany Holiday" evokes the mood of New York in the '50s and features romantic stories around New York. The video ad comes into two versions, a short one  lasting a minute and a 80-minute long extended one. 

The video campaign is complemented with real-life photographic interpretations of scenes from the animation. 

From Magical to downright Funny

The humorous approach was opted by many american brands and retailers. 

Loft's Happy Holiday

First example, Loft which collaborated with the comedy duo SRSLY, Alexandra Fiber and Danielle Gibson in a campaign called Put the Happy in Your Holiday. The campaign includes four hilarious short videos depicting holiday situations and a series of 12 accompanying Vine videos.  

Kate Spade's Shoppable Video

For its shoppable holiday video called The Waiting GameKate Spade casted Anna Kendrick, who after a day of shopping she realises she misplaced the key to her apartment and she is left outside. She finds although ways to entertain herself, by trying out her purchases, talking to her dog and chatting on the phone while receiving compliments for her looks by the passing-by 93-year-old fashion icon Iris Apfel.

She eventually finds a resourceful indeed, way to get back inside through the building's escape ladder with the helpful addition of a high-heeled shoe and other holiday purchases.

Gap's Dress Normal Campaign

Lastly, Gap for its Dress Normal campaign for Holidays 2014 created a series of short-films directed by Sofia Coppola. The videos capture awkward yet charming moments experienced by families during the Holiday season, accompanied by the tagline "You don't have to get them to give them Gap".

With a storytelling, consumers can easily relate to, the brand focus on the most important Holiday irreplaceable components, friends and family. An interactive gift guide was also launched for the season as a holiday gift guide for stress-free seasonal shopping. 

The Play Your Stripes experience allows users to transform their striped sweaters into musical instruments via their webcams. It was created in collaboration with Wieden + Kennedy New York, and enables users to remix sounds on the track “It Is What It Is” by Blood Orange or create their own tunes using various synthesised musical notes. These custom made creations can then be shared on social media.

Hence, from the above, it could be seen that the brands had been immensely creative and attacked just the right emotional note in the holiday season. Let's hope it only betters with the new year!

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