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A Glimpse of the Most Internationally Recognized Mexican Fashion Designers

Mexico is a country full of great artistic talents and fashion designers. Currently, Mexican designers are getting more recognition in the international market, working with high value and innovative products. Recently this country has been in the news with a good forecast for its economy as a great opportunity for investments, therefore it's worthy to keep an eye on its fashion industry as well.

Mercedez Benz Fashion Week MexicoThere are different Fashion Events in Mexico, but certainly the most representative and respected one is the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Every year it is becoming more interesting and well recognized, promoting the country’s fashion industry.

This platform is organized each season in order to show the public the most interesting and prominent proposals of national fashion, with designers that can endure as important representatives of Mexican fashion design.

This year Mercedes Fashion week was in April and for this occasion the runway was presented in an innovative way with: "The Box" where each and every one of the attendees will enjoy a better appreciation and closeness of all designs."The Box" is an art gallery type of an experience where the models are closer to the spectators. In this setting, there’s a better opportunity to appreciate the construction, craftmanship, and movement of each piece.

The designers are also there and available to showcase and explain more about their collections such as an artist does at their exhibit openings.Alejandra Quesada, Alexa Ulibarri, BLACK SHEEP SPA , Macario Jiménez, Pink Magnolia and Trista were among the designers that chose this novel approach to present their collections.


But those are not the only Mexican fashion designers with international projection, here are some other examples of the most note-worthy Mexican designers:

Christian CotaChristian Cota a mexican designer recognized internationally. His love of fashion was born at an early age when he began to develop his inspiration with painting and then decided that the fashion would be his life. His collections are presented at Fashion Week in New York. The main characteristics that define his proposal as a designer are bright colors, prints inspired by Mexican culture, and a very feminine style. Artists like Selena Gomez, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga among others have been dressed by Cota.

 Paola Hernandez designs collections of clothes, shoes and accessories. She created her brand in 2006 after studying fashion at Saint Martin's in London and CAD footwear design at Sutoria in Milan. “Fashion is a manifestation of collective consciousness”, says Paola. My creative process begins with a question about how to understand human evolution? Throughout her career, she has presented collections in New York, London, Paris, Bogota and Mexico. Always including the basic colors: black, gray and white along with materials like cotton and leather.

 Rolando Santana is a Mexican designer whose vocation was inspired by hisRolando Santana mother’s creations.  He left home and moved to New York to follow his dream, where he proudly presented his collections in New York and Mexico's Fashion Week.

Other noteable Mexican fashion designers that worth to follow:

Manuel Cuevas, Eduardo Lucero, Mario Moya, Luz Pavon, John Saldivar, Michelle Torres,  
Trista, Carlo Demichelis, Louis Verdad, Malafacha, Belinda Visag, are among others that have shown international significance. Recently, in Toronto, some Mexican brands like Malafacha and Belinda Visag participated in a commercial exhibition that focused on Mexico. These brands showed a unique international style.

Mexican brands have been increasing their international recognition day by day, working hard with quality, creativity, and innovative products, with the main objective to satisfy the customer.Don´t forget that fashion sector includes not only textiles but shoes, purses and  jewelry. I invite you to take a look at Mexican designers where you can find beautiful and creative collections.



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