5% of the Posts That Luxury and Premium Brands Post on Wechat Are about News and Celebrities

According to our latest marketing research: Wechat Marketing Strategies for Fashion & Luxury Industry, 5% of the posts that Luxury and premium brands post on Wechat are about news and celebrities.

This category includes posts of celebrities endorsing the brand as well as celebrities wearing the brand’s products on the red carpet. Celebrity Endorsements are not uncommon for premium and luxury brands, this helps them to reach a larger number of people because of the popularity of the celebrity. These are just a few examples of this kind of posts:

- Dior reminded their followers about their celebrity endorsements - Robert Pattinson for Dior Homme Colonge and Jennifer Lawrence for Miss Dior bag.

- Longchamp and Clavin Klein has pictures of local Chinese celebrities at their events with their products.

- Gucci also had a similar post with pictures of celebrities who attended their store opening in Beijing, as well as posted the photos of the celebrities who wore Gucci at the Oscars.

- Balenciaga spread the news of Chinese celebrities wearing the brand at various functions.

- Louis Vuitton also had a post of celebrities carrying the French brand's products at various occasions.