Global Denim Market Trends Report

Key Insights On The Evolution Of Fashion Denim Beyond Jeans

More than a fashion momentum, Denim has become a crucial part of our lifestyle. A pair of blue jeans and white Tee remains the most classic combo even for the most trendy of the fashionistas.

However, denim is far beyond just jeans. In the first half of the research, Fashionbi team has presented the various textile aspects related to the denim fabric, and analyzed the top producers and the top players competing in mass market and premium segments.

Further on, technological advances in the fabric have been discussed, as a result of changing consumer behaviour and country economics. Various treatments that can be applied to denim to enhance or add to its properties exist today, and many tech companies have been supplying such tech to the brands or implementing themselves launching their own signature denim. In addition, brand collaborations to take denim to another level (in products) have been presented, along with global trends such as Wearable Technology and Sustainability that the denim industry is smoothly incorporating.

Read on to know all that's going on today in this ultra challenging market of Denim.


  1. About Denim
  2. Key Players In The Industry
  3. Technological Advancements In Denim
    1. Acynetic
    2. Lycra Hybrid Technology
    3. Yoga and Antimicrobical Jeans
    4. Moistrurising and Scented Jeans
    5. Storm Denim
    6. Anti-Stain Denim
    7. VSEP
  4. Denim Product Extensions
  5. Brands Promoting Denim As A Lifestyle
  6. Key Takeaways
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