Fashion Enters The Metaverse

Fashion Industry’s Growing Obsession with Blockchain, NFTs, Digital Wearables & Virtual Worlds

In the fashion industry 'metaverse' has been the biggest buzzword in the last few months. Even though the excitement around it grew only within the last six months, the metaverse has been in the making for a long time. The fashion industry has been taken by storm, but it's important to note that many fashion brands had entered the metaverse much before it became mainstream and trendy.

The fashion industry's love affair with the metaverse started when the gaming industry started growing. Along with that came new tech - the blockchain. The merger of the two phenomena led to the invention of NFTs. Now, everyone wants to own an NFT, from CryptoPunks to Bored Apes. 

The metaverse gives fashion brands and creators something they dearly cherish - a chance to innovate and think outside-the-box. They can let their imagination run wild, and create extraordinary designs, which simply cannot exist in the real world. They can channel their creativity in ways they cannot in the physical world.

NFTs work well with what we call the 'hype culture'. Luxury fashion has always been about exclusivity, and what's better than to give customers a unique experience by making their products hard to attain. The playbook mimics that of Hérmes' Birkin bag. Limited edition, exquisite quality, and supremely hard to get. Fashion brands have gamified the entire experience of getting their NFTs so that only the true fans can have access to them.

This report delves deep into the world of metaverse fashion, what brands are the different metaverse strategies they are using in this space, and what is so attractive about this new technology.


  1. Evolution Of The Main Fashion E-commerce Companies
    1. What is the Metaverse?
    2. What is NFT?
    3. Popular Virtual Worlds
    4. Digital Assets gaining traction in China
  2. Virtual Collections and In-Game Skins
    1. Drest
    2. Fortnite
    3. Animal Crossing
    4. Zepeto
    5. Roblox
  3. Non-fungible Tokens by Brands
  4. Digital Fashion Shows
    1. Virtual Fashion Shows in 2020
    2. Paris Fashion Week
    3. Metaverse Fashion Week in Second Life
    4. London Fashion Week
    5. Crypto Fashion Week
    6. Metaverse Fashion Week in Decentraland
  5. Key Takeaways
  6. Metaverse Vocabulary
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