Company Guthy-Renker LLC
Country United States
Telephone +1 800 964 1892
Market Segment Value for Money
Core Business Beauty

WEN by Chaz Dean Financial Report


Guthy-Renker LLC Financial Report

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Los Angeles
United States


Chaz Dean


Team of designers


Chaz Dean’s passion for hair began with a love for photography. He took several commercial photography courses, which inspired him to enroll in cosmetology school shortly before moving to Los Angeles. His interest in hair quickly blossomed into a professional career specializing in both cutting and color. As he worked on perfecting his skills, he also started helping a highly successful company develop a product line, which is where he developed an interest in creating his own products. Chaz Dean quickly climbed the ranks at an upscale salon in Bel Air, becoming manager and eventually thereafter, purchasing the salon and building a client list that included an impressive roster of celebrities. It's here in 1996 that Chaz began working on the WEN product line. The Chaz Dean Salon relocated to Hollywood, where it was renamed Chaz Dean Studio and offered his elite clients an escape from paparazzi and an environment that was more intimate and secluded.

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Hair Care

Guthy-Renker LLC profile

Name Guthy-Renker LLC
Country United States
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +1 310 581 6250
Fax +1 310 581 3232
Date of foundation 1988
Type of Company Private


3340 Ocean Park Boulevard Santa Monica, CA 90405

Ownership (Top Shareholders)

Guthy-Renker LLC doesn't provide the information on its shareholders.

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