Company Ateliê Vanessa Montoro
Country Brazil
Telephone +55 11 3057 2412
Market Segment Luxury
Core Business Apparel

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Ateliê Vanessa Montoro Financial Report

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Sao Paulo


Vanessa Montoro

Head Designer

Vanessa Montoro
2007 - Present


Brazilian Vanessa Montoro refreshes knitting and crochet, these ancient techniques, by producing exquisite women's wear. The threads are actually spun on spinning wheels and colored anually in natural pigments. This procedure places the collections within a concept of art. Vanessa Montoro is original, timeless and her editions are obviously limited.
In order to develop her collections, Vanessa Montoro has been showing a great deal of creativity as professionalism.

The company has been in business for 5 years and has maintained its objective: deliver entirely hand made pieces.
Vanessa Montoro creations are "state of the art hi-low" by transforming the natural pigments and hand spun threads into stylish yet classy items, which have been delighting demanding customers who are constantly searching for originality.

Vanessa Montoro does not produce in large scale, neither makes use of industrial methods. Each item has its very own peculiarity, charm and sophistication. The luxurious yet versatile pieces are absolute timeless must-haves.
The collection includes blouses, capes, scarves, dresses and whatever else crosses Vanessa's mind. After developing and approving a sample, only few items are produced yet differing in colors and details.

The hand spun threads highly value the essence of noble products such as 100% wool and the smoothest silk, which lends the finished items its unique touch. In the hand made coloring process, Vanessa Montoro uses pigments extracted directly from nature, such as mate-herb, urucum, onion bark, coffee powder, eucalyptus and amoreira tree leaves, giving each piece its very own coloring thus turning it unique.

The marriage of knitting and crochet with manual spinning and natural pigment coloring translates the essence of Vanessa Montoro's concept: bring the craft within the roots of history to life in midst of the industrialized century. The entire production is rustic and beautiful thus outstanding within our time.

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Name Ateliê Vanessa Montoro
Country Brazil
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +55 11 3057 2412
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2007
Type of Company Private


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