Company Arcadia Group Limited
Country United Kingdom
Telephone +44 0844 984 0264
Market Segment Mass Market
Core Business Apparel

Topshop Financial Report 2020

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Arcadia Group Limited Financial Report 2020

Income Statement Trend

Total Revenue

It includes the overall revenue of the company, considering not only the sales of finished goods, but all of the sources of the company income.

Operating Margin

Also known as ROS - Return on Sales, it measures the percentage of sales revenue that gets 'returned' to the company as net profits after all the related costs of the activity are deducted. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

Net Profitability

It's a measure of a company's overall profitability, i.e. how much of its sales are converting to profit. The value given is the amount of sales needed to generate one currency unit of post tax profit. Negative values mean that the company has a negative level of post tax profit. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

Profit Ratio

It's a key measure of success. The profit ratio measures the amount of profit generated by each single currency unit of sales. The figure is about the latest fiscal year available.

Income Statement Highlights

in Millions of GBP20182017Δ
Total Revenue        
Cost of Sales        
Gross Profit        
Operating Income        
Net Income        

Balance Sheet Highlights

in Millions of GBP20182017Δ
Current Assets        
Total Assets        
Current Liabilities        

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Brand Description


United Kingdom


Peter Robinson


Team of designers


Topshop is a British multinational clothes retailer specialised in women's clothing and fashion accessories. It has shops in around 20 countries and online operations in a number of its markets. Topshop is part of the Arcadia Group, which is wholly owned by Philip Green and owns a numbe of other retail outlets including Burton, Dorothy Perkins and Miss Selfridge.
Topshop was founded in 1964 as Peter Robinson's Top Shop, a youth fashion brand within the Sheffield branch of Peter Robinson, a now-defunct department store chain. The first stand-alone Topshop store was opened in 1974. In 1978, Topman was created as a spin-off brand to cater for male customers and is now run as a separate chain, although some stores are co-located.

Business Strategy

Market Positioning

Mass Market

Core Business




Product Categories

Underwear & Lingerie

Arcadia Group Limited profile

Name Arcadia Group Limited
Country United Kingdom
VAT Number GB169094336
Telephone +44 0844 243 0000
Fax +44 20 7927 0577
Date of foundation 1903
Type of Company Private


Colegrave House, 70 Berners Street W1T 3NL - London

Ownership (Top Shareholders)

Taveta Investments, Ltd.: 100%

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