Company Thvm Inc.
Country United States
Telephone + 1 213 617 0667
Market Segment Premium
Core Business Apparel

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Thvm Inc. Financial Report

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THVM, stands for This Here Very Moment, was founded in Los Angeles, CA in 2009.

THVM is a collective of creative minded people dedicated to designing and producing quality premium denim at an affordable price. THVM’s principals are based in the collaboration and relationship with multi-disciplinary arts. The brand’s aesthetic aim is to create sophisticated and refined designs, while being accessible to a wide audience. Simplicity is the core of the basics collection, allowing an individual to express their style and personality without the interference of over embellishment.

In conjunction with each seasonal collection, THVM also produces a magazine, THVM Rag, that celebrates the creative process. The goal of the magazine is to reveal innovative movements at a local and global level, while providing unique perspectives on established artists and creative personas. THVM Rag serves as a platform to share the inspirations and methodologies that reflect the design of the seasonal collection.

Based in Los Angeles, CA, the offices of THVM are housed in a century old factory that is home to a collective of artists, designers and musicians. The collective group works side by side, each in their own disciplines, and shares insight into the creative process. THVM hosts events that showcase local artists and performers and opens it’s studios to the public on a regular basis.

The interaction with diverse creative minds feeds the design of the collection, resulting in fresh and progressive styles originating from exploration. The washes may derive from the subtle grain of a photograph or the finish of a sculptural installation. The cuts may be inspired by the angular crescendo of a musical score and the movement from an accompanied dance.

The core identity and inspiration for THVM is to share and celebrate the wonders, struggles, and beauty of the creative process.

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Name Thvm Inc.
Country United States
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone + 1 213 617 0667
Fax + 1 213 402 2003
Date of foundation 2009
Type of Company Private


1317 Palmetto St. Los Angeles, CA 90013

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