Company Superduper di Matteo Gioli & C. S.N.C.
Country Italy
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Super Duper Hats Financial Report 2020

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Superduper di Matteo Gioli & C. S.N.C. Financial Report

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Ilaria Cornacchini
Veronica Cornacchini
Matteo Gioili


Ilaria Cornacchini
2010 - present
Veronica Cornacchini
2010 - present
Matteo Gioili
2010 - present


SuperDuper Hats was born out of passion and fun.
Ilaria, Veronica, and Matteo came into possession of a wooden hat block shaper, one of those that people used back in the day to make hats.

These young Italian designers became fascinated with the history of this unique object so carefully carved. Their curiosity towards the charm of an older generation of handicraftsmen and their techniques of manufacturing grew as did their awareness of the richness of a kind of work made with special passion an care.
Every SuperDuper hat is totally handmade by Matteo, Veronica and Ilaria. SuperDuper exists because our hands work with care for hours, transforming a high quality raw material in an authentic handcraft product. A hat becomes a SuperDuper only if we are truly satisfied with the final result and if we are the first ones willing to wear it.

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Superduper di Matteo Gioli & C. S.N.C. profile

Name Superduper di Matteo Gioli & C. S.N.C.
Country Italy
VAT Number P.IVA 06107130483
Telephone n.a.
Fax n.a.
Date of foundation 2010
Type of Company Private


Via Senese 296A 50124 Firenze

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