Company Dweck Industries, Inc.
Country United States
Telephone 1.800.767.3037 x 28
Market Segment Luxury
Core Business Jewelry

Stephen Dweck Financial Report


Dweck Industries, Inc. Financial Report

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United States


Stephen Dweck

Head Designer

Stephen Dweck
1981 - Present


Stephen has long drawn his inspiration from the wealth of materials found in nature. He collects stones from all over the world tourmalines from Brazil, boulder opals from Australia, ammonites from Morocco, and pearls from the South Sea. In the past 24 years, he has created an extensive gallery of stones and minerals, from which his One of a Kind pieces are born. Each of the OAKS is adorned with his signature beetle, ADAM. A One of a Kind piece can never be duplicated, due to each natural mineral being very distinct from one another. The avid Stephen Dweck collector acquires pieces from the Signature Collection. These are rare OAK pieces that are comprised of very unique materials, set in 18kt gold. This collection is the most coveted of all of Stephens works of art; culminating his status as romancer of the stones.
A great deal of thought and effort is involved in making each piece of jewelry - from sorting through thousands of stones, to making the perfect setting for each. Stephens influence from nature can be seen in his signature flower and leaf designs, and he continues to be at the forefront of trends each season. All of the designs are produced and manufactured in his Brooklyn Design Studio. In the Fall of 2004, Stephen launched his version of diamond jewelry with the Celestial, Constellation and Galaxy collections. These collections are a refined mix of details, incorporating Stephens signature engraving with diamonds, 18kt yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and bronze. Stephens diamond collections have moved him into the world of fine jewelry design with a look that is both high fashion and classic.
His jewelry is on permanent display in the Costume Department at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City and the Smithsonian Institute Fashion Archives in Washington, D.C. Currently in the Dallas Museum of Art, Stephen has a sterling silver serving set on display in a traveling exhibition called Modernism in American silver. Designing this set of serving pieces for the home has allowed Stephen to venture into one of his other passions of designing; a home collection.

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Name Dweck Industries, Inc.
Country United States
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +1 718 615 1695
Fax +1 718 934 3303
Date of foundation 1981
Type of Company Private


2247 East 16th Street Brooklyn, NY 11229

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