Company Schottenstein Stores Corp.
Country Italy
Telephone +39 02 76394026
Market Segment Luxury
Core Business Apparel

Shirò Financial Report


Schottenstein Stores Corp. Financial Report 2021

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Massimo Calestrini




Shiró's brand history - focused on high quality clothing and accessories- has a long tradition and it's roots settled in the African continent.
In 2003 Massimo Calestrini, designer and businessman- born in Asmara, Eritrea-decided to use all his family passion and experience in precious leather work to create his own brand Shiró. He had quite an important heritage to maintain. The Calestrini family, in fact, owned a crocodile breeding farm and some tanneries in Eritrea and his business allowed to constant seek for unique materials as well as exclusive know how in production technique.
The brands name and logo are tightly linked from Africa and its magic- Shiró is intact the name of a rara double-tail lizard, considered a very lucky charm by some ancient African tribes. The story tells that those who manage to get a Shiró will be lucky for the rest of their lives.
Massimo Calestrini wanted to put this philosophy into the brand, combining a constant research with the unique charm of rare and precious materials (from crocodile to ostrich, from lizard to mink and sable) and the typical Italian handcraft technique. Every Shiró garment or accessory is handmade in Modena, Florence or Bologna and rigorously produced in limited edition.
In October 2003 Shiró presented its first SS collection in Milan, and in January 2004 the brand was invited to Alta Roma Haute Couture week, getting important consensus by international buyers and press. On that occasion, Massimo Calestrini was invited by Silvio Berlusconi, as a representative of the up and coming Made in Italy luxury designers.
Shiró's collections are sold in the boutiques all over the world, from Europe to USA, from the Middle East to Hong Kong and Russia where the flagship boutique was opened in 2011.

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Schottenstein Stores Corp. profile

Name Schottenstein Stores Corp.
Country United States
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +1 614 221 9200
Fax +1 614 449 0403
Date of foundation 1917
Type of Company Private


1800 Moler Road Columbus, OH 43207

Ownership (Top Shareholders)

Schottenstein family: 100%

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