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Royal Trading Srl Financial Report 2021

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Giuseppe Serafini


Team of designers


In 1885 shoemaker Giuseppe Serafini opened his first store in Castiglion Fiorentino, in the province of Arezzo, signaling the beginning of a family and company history that brought to the world of footwear freshness and unique style that would endure for generations to come.
1921 Giuseppe’s son Orlando continued to implement the handcrafted manufacturing procedures, but times were changing and his business sense in tandem with the traditional method he had learned from his father led him to set up new manufacturing procedures.
The “Calzaturificio Aretino” was established in 1932 and employed master shoemakers that applied Tuscan tradition as well as modern machines to manufacture high quality shoes for men and women.
Giuseppe Junior Serafini took over the family business in 1950. He grew the business even more and developed an international sales network, particularly for the women’s collections. The quality of the collections produced by SERAFINI is exported all over Europe, Russia, China and Japan.
In 1985 tradition and innovation continued to characterize the company, but when Fabrizio of the fourth generation of Serafinis took over, the historic SERAFINI company set off on a totally new and original course. As Fabrizio was passionate about sports and tennis in particular, he researched and imported the major brands of sports shoes. This business venture met with success in a special and demanding market that is always on the lookout for new ideas.
Having thus acquired a unique level of know how insofar as sports shoes, Fabrizio Serafini decided to define his own concept of a sneaker: one that would be Italian by tradition, manufactured along handcrafting criteria and contemporary in style. SERAFINI SPORT became reality in 1997.
Can a shoe be elegant, like a handmade shoe, but still be comfortable and modern like a sneaker? Fabrizio’s enthusiasm joined forces with a tradition dating back four generations while business objectives dictated that the style be inspired by the vintage collections of the 1970s. And this is how FLAT was created in 2003, a model that identified SERAFINI and became successful as it conquered international buyers the world over who were in tune with the demands of the market.
In 2005 SERAFINI grows and acquires its present structure by developing a new strategy in cooperation with an external retailing and distributing facility. The style and product divisions are directly managed by Royal Trading, the company that owns the label.
The Sport collection, born in 2003, is now joined by the Junior collection, dedicated to kids, which debuted in 2007, and by the Luxury and Bags collections in 2009.
The introduction of new product lines in 2010, not exclusively belonging to the sneaker area, open up the future to Serafini’s developement. Three new collections are born: Etoile, a fashion line dedicated to women only, Times, leisure men’s shoewear which interprets the tradition with a touching irony, and Advanced, a proactive collection where sperimentation and creativity play together to anticipate the future.
The 80-year anniversary since the official foundation date is celebrated in 2012. A special year, rich in events, which benchmarks the come-back to the origin of the brand as an intrepreter of a real Italian life-style. Mad for Serafini is now a claim which is well known in over 15 countries all over the world.

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Name Royal Trading Srl
Country Italy
VAT Number 01313280511
Telephone +39 0575 984071
Fax +39 0575 984071
Date of foundation 1932
Type of Company Private


62, Via Isacco Newton52100 AREZZO (AR)

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