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Selaria Richards Financial Report


Inbrands S.A. Financial Report 2020

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Ricardo Ferreira

Head Designer

Glória Marques
2010 - Present


In 2010, inspired by two of its founder’s passions - leather and bicycles - was born the idea of launching Selaria Richards, an independent business unit specializing in leather footwear and accessories. The new brand brings together the women’s and men‘s collections of Richards, but goes even further, launching innovative models in exclusive colors and formats, while also focusing on special size footwear for men (sizes 37 to 47) and women (sizes 34 to 40).

"The name Selaria comes from a British company that produces leather saddles for bicycles. And we are all about bicycles. It is a means of transportation that does good to the body and to the environment", says Ricardo Ferreira, the founder of Richards, who, back in the 1980s, embarked on his sailboat trips and used the ‘folding bike, backpack and sneaker’ trio to travel around the world.

Selaria Richards walks through the biker universe and is connected to the urban mobility issues. The symbol of the "Walk, pedal, walk" cause is a folding bike manufactured by a British company, which is used to decorate its stores, giving them an urban, contemporary and light-hearted air.

The architectural design by the Creative Director of Richards, Glória Marques, is a rich combination of materials: cement, wood, metal, rope and tiles, all in raw shades and vibrant colors. Shoes are displayed in small wooden stands or trays. An articulated showcase, made of barbershop mirrors picked up at antique fairs, shows all the angles of the more classic shoes, transforming a visit to the store into an enjoyable experience.

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Name Inbrands S.A.
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Rua Coronel Luís Barroso, 151 Santo Amaro - São Paulo, SP

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