Company SELA Corporation
Country Russia
Telephone +7 4956 45 84 05
Market Segment Mass Market
Core Business Apparel

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SELA Corporation Financial Report

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Founded in 1991, the SELA Corporation is now one of the acknowledged leaders in the world of casual wear collections. SELA means comfortable and fashionable collections for self-confident people possessing their own style and seeking to enjoy the modern way of life and to be found attractive by those around them. We never stop seeking to understand our customers´ wishes, aspirations and lifestyles yet better, and so we help them fulfill themselves with the wear and accessories by SELA. We recognize our goal as building an international network of brandname stores meeting the highest customer demands for the level of service, the quality of the collections presented, and the choices offered.

The SELA brandname network is a system of uniform stores developing on the franchising basis. The first SELA store opened in St. Petersburg in 1997. Pioneering in the Russian fashion retail at the time, SELA was actually the first in the country ever to introduce the brandname retail concept and has gone a long way from small and family oriented boutiques to a nationwide fashion wear brand.

By introducing our affordable and high quality clothing to the mass market in the early 90s, later we provided local business owners in various regions with the opportunity to efficiently invest their funds in opening of new SELA brandname stores.

The twenty-year period of the company´s development serves a comprehensive reflection of the trends of the civilized fashion retail system being created in Russia – starting from that total deficit of quality clothes in the era when things were only sold and bought in open marketplaces, and up to the high competition between fashionable products seen in a lot of modern shopping malls today. The concept of a brandname retail store suggests presentation of the full selection of the SELA trademark: clothes for women, men, teenagers, and children, along with the unified merchandise concept, logistics management system, sales stimulation and discount programs.
The company was the first on the Russian market ever to introduce its own brandname retail concept based on the clear description of every single business process and standard. Later, that SELA´s experience in establishing a brandname trade system was borrowed by a lot of fashion companies all over Russia. The SELA Corporation leads the Russian market for fashion wear of the midprice segment.
Today, SELA represents an international, vertically integrated corporation producing and selling midprice casual wear. The status of an international brand is now ensured by SELA´s commercial offices in Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Israel, China, as well as by the distribution and sales network established in nine different countries.

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Name SELA Corporation
Country Russia
VAT Number n.a.
Telephone +7 4956 45 84 05
Fax +7 4956 45 84 05
Date of foundation 1991
Type of Company Private


Sharikopodshipnikovskaya st, 13/62 4 Floor , 115088 Moscow

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